A Little Perspective

I will admit that there are times I succumb to self-pity or bemoan my lot in life. On more than one occasion, I have railed at the heavens for some perceived injustice, annoyance, or mishap. I have felt aggrieved at Fate’s toying with me like a cat with a rodent (or an investment broker with a Ponzi scheme). I have questioned why I must suffer so. Why me? What did I do to deserve this leaky faucet, hairball on the stairs, wilting tomato plant, flat tire, chipped glass, overcharge, snotty attitude, broken appointment, etc., etc.?

In addition to opposable thumbs, one of the benefits of being human is having the capacity to reflect on one’s own existence and mortality. Sometimes, I just wish I had the thumbs. (When opening a jar of pickles, they come in quite handy.) Self-reflection is a double-edged sword, and I’m always nicking myself. It helps to have a sense of humor and sense of perspective. I try to maintain both. Some days are more successful than others.

Today, I am soberly reminded that I truly have little to complain about:

Chilean Miners Could Be Stuck In 600 Sq. Foot Space Until Christmas
Pakistan Flood Recovery Expected To Take Years
China Traffic Jam Could Last Weeks


5 thoughts on “A Little Perspective

  1. Thanks for bringing up the wider world. I hear about Pakistan as I drive and it’s just too much to comprehend. I’ll try harder to practice gratitude.

  2. I am grateful for time to enjoy life, and being with people I love every day is such a gift. Thanks for helping us keep things in perspective, David.

  3. The Chilean mine situation is unfortunately related more to the mining industry itself,which like the fishing industry is extremely hazardous anywhere in the world.
    The other two subjects do serve as reminders that we shouldn’t constantly be whining about the faults of the US.
    Even Katrina received a much better response than one sees in places like Pakistan,Iran,Haiti,or even the former USSR after various disasters.
    The Chinese situation is really bizarre.No road rage was reported however,which says a lot more about the average Chinese than their dictatorial government(It’s a stretch to call the masters of the military industrial complex communists).
    I’ve seen a commenter here repeatedly idolize the European countries-sure,as a result of restrictive immigration,except for “guest workers”with reduced rights;the ill gotten gains of their murderous colonial empires;and very high taxes they have achieved that comfortable effete lifestyle so admired by klaus.
    Single payer health care is doable in a country smaller than many American states and where illegal aliens cannot access care.
    The reason the US does things so effectively is precisely because people are willing to work long hours and hold multiple jobs in many situations.
    We have to review our focus on what the government should actually do and what they shouldn’t and then use resources more effectively for the former.
    I’m sorry Nancy,but helping the environment by biking to the Chinese take out kind of seems like a waste of time in the face of the incredible assault on that same environment in Brazil,China,Russia,Indonesia,and many other countries.

  4. hey, like they say, it’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. and it’s better to walk or bike when I can than to add to our own traffic jam and curse my excess weight.

  5. OK-you brought up the weight issue-so maybe for you biking is a good idea independent of the environment.
    I try to not add to ur own traffic jam by driving on “off hours”.I’ve gone many hundreds of miles on the Northeast Corridor without slowing down by picking the right time of day.Also by taking “slower”alternative routes(often educational and gorgeous).

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