Chris Young Puts Rhode Island on the Map

And not in a good way. Here is Huffington Post with links to Fox TV. says that Young publicly proposed marriage to his campaign manager on condition that he wins. Words fail me.

Some time back I reviewed some of the highlights of Young’s career, including a link to an astounding photo in the ProJo of Young being hauled away by police, here in Serial Obstructor.


6 thoughts on “Chris Young Puts Rhode Island on the Map

  1. It’s the price of free speech.They’ll probably be happy together.They’ll probably have children and I think that scares you a little.Too bad.BTW I’m not voting for Chris Young.
    Personally,I find a lot of other candidates who actually have a chance of winning MUCH scarier.Like David Cicilline.A devil.

  2. Oops-on condition that he wins?Really?That’s not what I heard on the radio clip.If true,shame on him.If not,shame on you.My computer sound has left the room.

  3. This is what the ProJo said–
    “After television viewers tuned out and the online portion of the debate began, Young explained to the Providence Performing Arts theater audience that it was a “conditional engagement” contingent on him being elected as mayor.”

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