Doc, Can You Remove This Knife From My Back?

I wonder if  GOProud is having any second thoughts about inviting Ann Coulter to speak at Homocon, a convention for gay libertarians and conservatives.  She did lecture them about presuming to aspire to legal marriage. Read between the lines here– you’ll note that no Black gay Republican emerged from the crowd to contradict her…

But in a more serious note, she parroted the losing arguments of the lawyers supporting California’s Prop 8 and told the crowd that the reason she opposes (and they should oppose) same sex marriage is that it is strictly for procreation.

In one of a series of racially insensitive remarks that pervaded her speech, Coulter added, “Marriage is not a civil right. You’re not black.” It was part of a larger argument on which she later elaborated, telling the crowd that the 14th Amendment only applies to African-Americans and that it does not, in fact, apply to women, LGBT people or other minorities.

This would have been the perfect moment for someone in the audience to jump up and say, “I’m Black!”, but no one did. I guess no one could.

But that’s ancient history. From Huffington Post today there’s more. Ann Coulter was explaining to Bill O’ Reilly why candidate Carl Paladino had to agitate against the gay menace in a recent speech..

Asked about the specifics of the speech — in which Paladino warned against letting children be “brainwashed” into thinking homosexuality is an “equally valid or successful option” — Coulter said the candidate was just giving his socially conservative audience the red meat it wanted.

“He’s speaking to Hasidim…it’s like being in Chicago. You say, ‘Go Cubs,'” she said.

Yes, and if you’re George Wallace running in Alabama you say… well, let’s leave that for Laura Schlessinger.

One thing entertainers like Coulter do well is hate. She was at Homocon to amuse and entertain the conservative audience by hating on some of the same people they’re against. She’s an ankle-biting yappy dog whose occasional friendly nips are tolerated because she’s so darn cute.

She’s harmless to the class of people whose connections protect them from the kind of dangers that face a high school kid. A kid who walks the gauntlet every time he walks to school.

I’ll be glad when the issue of marriage equality is resolved in favor of making same-sex marriage legal nationwide. I’ll be glad when ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ is ended and we judge all our service members on their conduct and competence. Until that happens, people will strive for justice, and justice will win.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting to hear Coulter openly admit that gay people and their rights are just a piece of red meat to throw to the base when an election needs winning.

ALL THAT FOR NOTHING- Palladino’s outreach to the religious base seems to have backfired, because now he’s offended them by apologizing to gay voters. His campaign must have miscalculated which group would bring in the most votes. I imagine that the fence is an uncomfortable place to sit.


11 thoughts on “Doc, Can You Remove This Knife From My Back?

  1. You don’t think Mike Molloy of Air America or Randy Rhodes were haters?Of course not.In your little world there are no left wing haters.BillMaher has hatred oozing out of him like pus.
    I will never figure why some politicians feel the need to address “the Jews”by pandering to a bunch of inbred socially retarded Hasidim.They are no more representative of Jews than the Harlem Globetrotters are of Blacks.Of course the Globetrotters are just acting-the Hasidim are a truly regressive little pocket of humanity.You can’t marry your cousins for generations on end without complications.
    I actually think it’s anti-semitic to picture Hasidim when speaking of Jews.
    The israelis don’t draft them and when some joined the army they were found to be unable to perform soldierly tasks(this was on 60 Minutes)yet they call the tune on many things in Israel.What a shame.
    NY politiicians suck up to them because they bloc vote on the orsers of the “rebbe”.
    Don’t confuse them with Orthodox Jews,who are merely religious.

  2. I don’t know very much about religious differences among Jews. My Jewish friends are pretty low key about religion.
    But I have to wonder about a gay group who pays a speaker who tells them they don’t rate equal rights, and later says that the anti-gay stuff Republican politicians spout is just red meat for the base. Nothing personal I guess.
    I think the fact that George Wallace played up racism for personal gain more than his actual beliefs makes him a worse person, not better.
    Why do we need scapegoats? Why is it so profitable to demonize minority groups? What is this doing to our country?

    1. Search me.I don’t belong to a religious group,but my grandmother was an observant Jew,low key,as you mentioned-she thought the Hasids were narrow minded and dismissive of “ordinary” Jews and dressed the way they do to wear it on their sleeves so to speak.She said clothing and belief had no relation.
      Demonzing minority groups is really stupid,but on the other hand,one shouldn’t be afraid to speak plainly about certain situations like immigration for fear of being called a racist by left wing or ethnocentric “advocates”.
      Scapegoating is nothing new.What’s it doing to our country?The same as it has in the past-causing mutual distrust.
      Demonizing White people is okay?I don’t think so.Nor is demonizing Christians,which a lot of Hollywood trash do on a daily basis.As if their lifestyles were something to brag about.
      I guess my point is that thinking in group dynamics is limiting.
      Now,why did I go off on Hasids?Because they CHOOSE to isolate themselves in a particular group,as opposed to just being born into a racial/ethnic identity.

  3. I’m just wondering why no mention of the toture of gay men in the Bronx,NY?
    Maybe because the offenders didn’t fit your profile of who would do this?
    Something tells me these hoodlums weren’t watching Fox or listening to Rush Limbaugh.

    1. Observer, let me go on record that the torture of three young men by a gang in the Bronx is a hate crime and should be prosecuted.
      I work and I don’t have time to blog about everything. I don’t know what the attackers watch on TV but they didn’t get their attitudes from nowhere.
      That atrocious crime shows that making bigotry acceptable has consequences for the people who are least protected.

      1. I got news for you Nancy-I grew up in a bad neighborhood-gays never had an easy time-these animals don’t think about politics.
        The analytical approach might be the ongoing thing on the East Side,but the Bronx has always been heartless combat zone.

      2. BTW-they should get the same punishment that cop who sodomized Abner Louima did(although that didn’t involve the victim being gay).

  4. What I objected to most in Paladino was the patronizing sneer he gave to the phrase “gay pride.”

    That is deep-dyed, totally self-confident prejudice.

    1. Paladino is a loser on a number of levels-I don’t get why the Republicans voters rejected Lazio,who was a relatively normal person.

  5. Wow-the “right wing” has some competition concerning thegay issue-Valerie Jarrett had to apologize for referring to a gay teenager who committed suicide in Minnesota as having adopted a “lifestyle”.
    Even a dinosaur like me knows that homosexuality is,except maybe in certain situational instances(i.e. prison)something people are born with.
    Before you cast the first stone at conservatives as you are so quick to do,check your own political “house”.

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