A Scene

Rhode Island's Own

You know how you might go out to hear some music, not expecting much out of the ordinary, and realize you have walked into something that gives the universe a little shake? That was how I felt at the first Florentine Faire on Thayer St. in ancient times. And that was the vibe again at Pronk, 3rd Annual Providence Honk Fest in India Point under the highway bridge. I am speechless, but Providence Daily Dose has the details.

I grew up in the electric guitar age, and never appreciated brass until I heard it live. I’ll get off my computer to see What Cheer or Extraordinary Rendition, and I had some vague idea that Pronk was celebrating the demolition and re-routing of the I-195 ramp– which is a great excuse for a party.

The Venue

I wish I were a better photographer, I was working that day and didn’t get there till dark, so I couldn’t come back with pictures that do it justice. I felt like I was listening to the 21st Century sound. Band nerds come into their own, a wild mix of people and sounds.

There were a lot of tatooed youth, but also babies, little kids, old people, anarchists, Unitarians–all colors, from three piece suits to skateboards– it was very cool.

I’ll probably see The Gnomes this afternoon. Acoustic folk, my first love. Well, actually, The Monkees were my first love, but I won’t confess to that.

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