Linc Chafee could say that he did not leave the Republican Party– the Party left him. He had the integrity to vote his conscience against a war based on lies. Steve Laffey tried to grab the momentum of the right wing, and moved in, but only suceeded in helping to put Sheldon Whitehouse in the Senate.

Chafee is the last of the old-style Republicans, and in this political climate a progressive. Why would Caprio be dealing with Laffey, if not from simple craving to win at any cost?

Today’s ProJo reports on the rumor that Caprio was considering switching parties…

John P. Dodenhoff, the former campaign manager for Republican Stephen Laffey, says that he was invited to lunch in February by Michael Lepizzera — a Cranston lawyer and Republican operative — who broached the idea of Caprio running as a Republican.

Caprio and Lepizzera, who is supporting Caprio for governor, dispute Dodenhoff’s account. They say that Lepizzera acted on his own, and that his overtures went nowhere.

Dodenhoff told The Journal Monday that he explicitly asked Lepizzera if Caprio approved of the approach.

“He said, ‘Frank might want to come over,’ ” recalled Dodenhoff. “I was taken aback. I said, ‘Geez, Frank Caprio a Republican? I don’t know how that’s gonna fly.’ I asked Mike if this was just him brainstorming … or is this something that Frank knew about, and he said yes. Then I asked if his father, [Providence Municipal Court] Judge [Frank] Caprio, was on board, and I was told yes.”

There is an actual Republican in this race, John Robitiaille, who seems like a decent human being and can be trusted to give us more of what we’ve had with Governor Carcieri. I’ve had enough of that, and enough of Democrats who try to prove that there’s no difference between the parties. I’m voting for Chafee.

16 thoughts on “Integrity

  1. Even if Chafee wins,there will be enough new people in the GA and some returnees,who will be able to stop this addled goofball from imposing his ideas,if you could even call them ideas.
    He would rescind the Governor’s Executive Order,a bad move,but sure to appeal to people like yourself who believe in highly selective adherence to our laws.(IOW-SHIELD ILLEGAL ALIENS).
    I’m glad my house is paid off so I can get the hell out of this place if it goes completely socialist/nitwit.

    1. New Hampshire-I was stationed there when I returned from Vietnam and I always liked the place.
      They don’t have nanny state government and the public employee workforce is not bloated and corrupt.
      Jim Hummel would be twiddling his thumbs there.
      I am hoping not to have to move-RI has a lot to recommend it,and I have family here who won’t/can’t move.
      I’ve lived here close to 27 years,longer than anywhere else,and it’s not an easy thing to consider.
      You know,I don’t understand how you can turn a blind eye to Cicilline’s tenure-the John Simmons situation,which was never resolved as far as determining whether the anonymous”donor” to Simmons’ salary receievd a benefit in return(like a city contract?);the bounced checks from his brother John;the unauthorized raise Cicilline pocketed;the outright lying concerning the Marco Riz case;I can gp on,but those are good for starters.
      Are you so blinded by doctrinaire party line thinking that he looks like a good choice vs.John Loughlin?
      Loughlin had a clean record in the GA and was the first legislator to pay part of his health care premiums.He served his country(being a helicopter pilot even in peacetime is hazardous)-something Cicilline would never consider;and he doesn’t lie.

      1. Observer, are you serious or just being an ass?

        You know nothing about trying to make it as a young family in these overpriced times. Homes, cars, education, health-care, etc all are beyond what is manageable with today’s average salaries.

        You and your type, advocate the deconstruction of society and promote social Darwinist anarchy and a return to the “company store” industrial feudalism of the early 20th century.

        And, speaking of the military, I doubt that you could relate to the younger generation of war vets that volunteered to go over and over again because it was they had to do to earn a decent living for their families.

        New Hampshire? New Hampshire is not without the hopelessness of poverty and ignorance. I have seen it, I have lived it. Trailers without heat in the winter ain’t fun.

      2. I notice that whenever I cite specifics you put your head in the sand.
        You’re so desparate for a “progressive”that it doesn’t matter what kind of disreputable scoundrel he is?
        Cicilline representing this state in Congress is an abomination.
        I’ll tell you one thing-I’d never vote for a man like Paladino in NY because he is such a sleazy lowlife,even if he is conservative.

  2. FWIW I never liked Laffey-he seemed to be out solely for what was good for Steve Laffey.
    Incidentally,even though he was gay,Cicilline could’ve served his country-there were quite a few gay men and women I encountered in the service,and mostly no one cared about it as long as they were discreet and did their job.
    I think the gay women had more acceptance than the men,to be honest.
    This was back in the Sixties.

  3. My friends lived in New Hampshire for years. There’s a lot of quiet desperation there. The public schools are underfunded and it’s a terrible place to be old unless you’re rich. It’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

    1. Well,I always knew that.And you think I’m rich because I paid off a $60,000 house in 26+ years?
      Get real.
      Thankfully,I have a pension and VA disability and medical.
      My wife and I don’t need much like your stinkin’ liberal heroes with three houses,jets,gourmat food,servants,etc.

  4. “observer’s overseer”-I sure do know about young families today.My son was out of work for a year and a half and a young child at home.He didn’t get unemployment because his employer screwed him and the union was useless-this ahter six years of being a steady worker.So shut the hell up to me.
    I went in the service during the draft era,but we only had to do one combat tour.
    I didn’t notice -were you in the service?
    When I got out,everyone thought Vietnam veterans were junkies or lunatics.Getting a job wasn’t easy and I wound up travelling three hours a day round trip for a really shitty job in a hospital.I managed to do well on civilservice exams and goet a better job,and was able to finish my education on the GI Bill.No one handed me anything and you know crap about what “type”I am.
    I don’t believe in dismantling social services,or “social darwinist anarchy(??)”,but I don’t like government being intrusive for no reason.I don’t like wasteful spending.
    BTW,we have lost about 5,000 military personnel in the recent wars since 2002.
    We lost 58,000 in Vietnam in a similar period of time.It was somewhat more intense-some weeks hundreds were killed.
    Hundreds of thousands more were permanently damaged by Agent Orange(like myself)or wounded.You think we don’t know about the younger veterans or don’t care?Go to hell.
    New Hampshire has more honest state government and a better state workforce than RI.Their roads are in good shape,and they have harsher weather.
    As to you having “lived it”-well,you’re not alone.
    I grew up in a four flat where oftentimes the landlord turned off the heat and hot water at night and there was neither in the morning.We lived day to day for many years,and both my parents worked.
    You think you’re talking to some godamn East Side eloi cheese eater?
    Nice to find out that Chafee is registering his cars in Exeter while taking a homestead exemption in Providence.All to avoid the Providence auto tax while recommending new taxes for the rest of us.
    He bragged to Jim taricani how his mother in law avoids RI taxes by living in Floprida half the year.
    Most of us don’t have the luxury of multiple properties to avoid our obligations.But you and YOUR ilk think he’d provide good government?
    Who’s an ass now pal?

  5. Maybe Linc can get you the same deal he has for his real estate taxes. Plant some corn in your back yeard and say you’re a farmer.

    1. There was a call today on the radio about Linc using a handicapped spot in a snowstorm to get coffee.
      That just sucks.I have a handicapped placard for a family member and I wouldn’t use it unless they were in the car.
      Arrogance and a sense of noblesse oblige is NOT what we need.

  6. Chafee left the Republican party…it certainly didn’t leave him when it endorsed him over Steve Laffey.

    If you’re drinking that kool-aid I have an ice cream stand I’d like you to buy in Alaska.

  7. Observer and Don, let me make a modest suggestion. If you are tired of ‘elitists’ running for office, consider supporting campaign finance reform.
    It’s harder than ever for a candidate to win without either personal wealth, corporate sponsorship, or the blessing of politically connected religious groups.
    Citizens United has made it easier to pour money into campaigns and there are ongoing efforts to avoid accountability about where the money comes from. James Bopp Jr. is petitioning Rhode Island to let him do his defense of marriage show here without obeying the disclosure laws.
    These insanely expensive campaigns are not bringing us better candidates.

    1. You’re being a phony-“corporate sponsorship,personal wealth,politically connected religious groups”-no mention of mega-unions or political aggregators like Emily’s List.You can’t have it all one way Nancy-you must think you’re talking to idiots.
      I gave out of my pocket to three campaigns this year-and none of it was “extra” money.
      I also worked on two campaigns-one Democrat,one Republican.
      You know what I want out of this?NOTHING except good government.
      You got no clue what is going on,but I think you’ll find out.
      BTW Obama crapped on the local liberals-I love it.

  8. So, are you for campaign finance reform and transparency? At least SEIU and Emily’s List are using their real names. Why is James Bopp Jr. suing Rhode Island to keep his sponsors secret?

    1. I am for transparency for everyone.
      Screw Mr.Bopp anyway.
      I’m really angry that union executives use dues to contribute to candidates the actul workers may not support.
      Corporaate execs can’t dock their employees’wages,can they?

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