5 thoughts on “Linc Chafee

  1. Chafee’s father may have been a statesman,but this deceiving,tax-cheating nincompoop certainly isn’t.
    You think that 36% of those who even bothered to vote is a mandate?
    You must be kidding.
    I guess it’s ok with you to build a wall between the State Police and ICE.
    I sure hope you aren’t the one to run into the next Marco Riz(actually I hope no one is,but it will happen because of this man’s idiotic appraoch in the name of political correctness)and I guess the state using contractors employing illegal aliens is of no consequence,hmmm?
    Thankfully,the Governor has little power in RI.

  2. Governor Carcieri used immigration to distract from his ineffective leadership. He failed to keep Rhode Island’s economy from tanking in this recession. He ran on a promise that as a businessman he would do a ‘Big Audit’ and clean up the state house, but he hired contractors and consultants at big bucks while letting Rhode Islanders suffer worse unemployment than the rest of NE.
    We need immigration reform, absolutely, but the pandering Carcieri did put legal citizens at risk and made the problem worse.
    To fight crime, it’s essential to extend the law to everyone here. If we drive people into hiding, where they are afraid to report a crime– then violent criminals will have safe haven.
    The anti-trafficking law of 2007 was supposed to provide some legal protection to those who report a crime– but it has not been used.

  3. EXACTLY HOW did it put “legal citizens”(learn your terms,Nancy)at risk?
    You always demand “citations” from me,so either explain yourself or else stay out of it.
    Just ONCE I’d like you to ask for proof from “klaus’.But of course you can’t.
    We both know who he is.
    I realize you just like to blather buzzwords without knowing a damn thing about what really happens.
    People reporting a crime weren’t penalized,regardless of status,when I was on the job.
    If things have changed,then shame on the government,but still NOT an excuse for criminal aliens.

  4. I wish words so clearly inappropriate such as “nincompoop” above were not so abused as is increasingly the case nowadays, it reflects worse on those who use such terms than the intended target.

    That said, I think there is a legitimate case for Carcieri’s e-verify order. Hiring illegals undermines competing companies that obey the law, wages for legal workers, and respect for the law, and speeds the population growth that is helping degrade our environment. I can’t imagine going to another country illegally (Mexico? France?) and expecting the govt there to encourage that behavior by allowing me to work there.

    1. Okay Barry,that’s why he’s a nincompoop.He goes for emotion over substance.
      That’s ok for summer theater-not for responsible government.
      You seem to understand that enforcing immigration laws makes as much sense as enforcing laws against drunk driving.

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