Another busy day, so here’s a quick link to a fine story from the ProJo. My neighbor was ‘poll spotting’ this Tuesday and I ran into her as she checked off names. She said, ‘I’d walk through fire to vote.’

We claim to export democracy, and love the ‘purple fingers’ in the photos from Iraq, where voting is dangerous. But something isn’t right at home. Too many of us surrender the vote, and fail to participate.

But this story is a bright spot– interviewing voters at the polls–
What a Democracy is All About by G. Wayne Miller.

6 thoughts on “Vote

  1. Do you really always live in Fantasyland?
    Where EXACTLY was the vote suppressed in RI?
    Sources and citations please.

  2. I think you are reading something I didn’t write.
    I wonder what is missing in our civic life that so many take the right to vote for granted and don’t exercise it.
    The Journal interviewed some people at the polls and quoted some sincere patriotic sentiment. It’s a nice counter to some of the cynicism. You should click on the link.

    1. I vote and it’d be nice if everyone else who’s eligible did.
      It isn’t that hard to do.
      At least then we’d know who the public actually wants in office.

  3. When people aren’t engaged in the process, there’s nothing to motivate them to vote. Where there’s no engagement, there’s also no investment and quite honestly people have better things to do.

    It is sad though, but politicians generally try to rally their base and hope the other side stays home. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone voted, was informed, and we really got a chance to see democracy in action.

    Hmm…sorry observer, I must have also reserved a ticket to FantasyLand.

  4. Thanks for this link! It’s nice to hear from folks who really do value their participation in the electoral process. I firmly believe our country would only improve if more people exercised their franchise.

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