Canadians Retreat

If you, like me, can have as much fun at a zoning board meeting as at a Pawsox game, you will appreciate the excellent blog, Greater City-Providence.

Today’s edition has the latest on the retreat of Tim Horton’s Donuts from Rhode Island, including aerial photos and comparisons of traffic flow and potential site uses. Those who are concerned about the proposed CoffeeDrivethrough on Hope Street, (not exactly a coffee desert) will find good ammunition for arguments against the ‘parking lot with fast food hut in the middle’ style of architecture. If you live on Hope, you can find your neighbors here.

My Mom told me that Tim Horton’s fired all its Rhode Island employees just before the holidays with no warning, but I could not find a citation for that.

So here’s this–

Coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons announced the closure of 36 stores in the U.S., despite a strong showing in the third quarter.
All of the shuttered shops are located in New England, specifically Rhode Island and Connecticut, where sales fell short due to the region’s already heavily saturated coffee market.
Reuters reports that Tim Hortons, Canada’s largest restaurant chain, earned $73.8 million in the third quarter, or 42 cents per share — up about 21 percent from last year. But these numbers fell short of analysts’ predictions, who expected earnings of 53 Canadian cents a share.

When I want to be saturated with coffee, I look to a local roaster, New Harvest in Pawtucket. Salonika Blend is very good, even when I make it at home on a percolator I bought at Bennies with tap water and approximate guesses at how much coffee v. water. It’s a forgiving brew, I’ve never managed to mess it up.

I only eat donuts when I’m hungry and depressed, and I find myself in a break room with nothing else to eat– more so if it’s the night shift. I think if you took a Tim Horton’s or equivalent donut and left it on a counter for a few months, it would not be corrupted nor changed in any visible way, for it bears not the carnal nature of earthly sustenence. Your no-count nephew, dropping in unannounced, might scarf it up without any harm done beyond the artery-clogging powers the donut had fresh out of the deep-fryer. To get food poisoning, you have to start with food.

If you must eat one, consider buying local. Dunkin is not a native Rhode Island business, having opened in Massachusetts, but they’ve stayed in the state awhile. They were my first job, actually. Finding myself incompetent to serve donuts I drifted through life and eventually became a blogger. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

We have a new mayor, governor and state treasurer coming in. I’ve seen promising small businesses start and fail in this town. I hope that small business will catch a break, so when one fails we don’t have scores of people losing their jobs, and empty lots and dead malls. How cool would it be if the empty Tim Horton’s would soon be filled by local start-up enterprise?

For the love of God, please don’t try to sell more donuts. I’d kind of like a sandwich place, to pick up a brown bag on the way to work.

BAD COMPANY: The Rhode Island outpost of the Tim Horton’s empire fell into some bad company. Tim Horton’s Inc. is probably not interested in taking a position on marriage equality in the US, but they got drafted by the National Organization for Marriage. Maybe it’s a match made in Heaven. You will likely get there faster if you eat more donuts.

2 thoughts on “Canadians Retreat

  1. “. I think if you took a Tim Horton’s or equivalent donut and left it on a counter for a few months, it would not be corrupted nor changed in any visible way, for it bears not the carnal nature of earthly sustenence.” Winter’s not the only reason so many of us Canadians are hearty folk. 🙂 You are much better off getting your donuts at a local bakery. Not a fan of Timmies myself.

  2. Dunkin’Donuts makes really crappy coffee.It always seems burned.
    There used to be a nice coffee shop on Hope across from the 4th Baptist Church-they had papers to read and you could win a free coffee by answering the trivia question.
    Starbucks is WAY overrated.
    ZOG on Wickenden has always been a cool place.It’s named after the only modern king of Albania because the original owner was of Albanian descent.

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