No More

Today’s Providence Journal has a story by Amanda Milkovits that has been told too many times in Providence and elsewhere…

PROVIDENCE β€” A half-dozen boys were on the basketball courts at the Manton Heights housing development on Tuesday evening, shooting hoops and practicing The Jerk dance moves.
By quarter to 8, it was dark, and 12-year-old Joshua Torres was long overdue home. He asked his friend 13-year-old Angel Santiago if he wanted to walk with him. They were heading home when they saw a man about 100 feet away walking to the unlit porch of one of the row houses.
The man was dressed in black. The boys saw him sit down casually on the darkened stoop. He pulled out a gun.

Joseph Hector was shot and murdered on Camp Street over ten years ago. A street shrine for him is kept up by someone who won’t forget. When do we just shake our heads and say it’s a shame– and when do we say, no more?

One thought on “No More

  1. You can’t say that unfortunately.
    People will commit these acts in spite of any laws.
    Obviously,you wouldn’t commit random violence against someone-neither would I.
    We can’t get into the heads of people who do.
    The best we can do is put them away until they’re unable to be a threat again.
    I wish all the prevention programs worked,but they only seem to be effective on young people who aren’t all that disposed to this kind of thing anyway.
    There are a lot of psychopaths out there to whom your life means less than nothing.
    How about the home invasion/triple murder,and rape in Connecticut?
    I hope they execute both of those animals.I can’t imagine you support the death penalty,but I do and not as a deterrent-as retribution and an ironclad guarantee against recidivism by truly dangerous people.
    Let’s be thankful the kids in this case weren’t killed.
    I actually remember the Hector case-a young man apparently killed because of mistaken identity-someone in the neighborhood knows who did it Nancy-maybe someone you regularly interact with.But this stupid “no snitching” mentality has let the killer or killers remain untouched.
    Don’t even start on about gun control-these crimes are committed by people don’t give a damn about some nanny state gun laws.
    Vermont has no gun laws at all-they rely on Federal laws-not many drive bys in Vermont either.
    Figure it out for yourself.Localized behavioral patterns determine a lot of what happens.
    There’s no good answer.

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