No Profit in Gossip?

Via Wonkette, news that that National Enquirer is going bankrupt.

Maybe it’s my fault. I stopped buying tabloids when they put Jon Benet Ramsey on the cover. Using that poor dead kid’s story as if it was just another celebrity divorce was too much for me. However, I do read it in the checkout line, and then cruelly refuse to buy it.

I’ll make sure not to do that with The Nation.

American Media also owns The Star and runs the marketing operations for Playboy. Are readers losing interest in scandal? What is our culture coming to?


5 thoughts on “No Profit in Gossip?

  1. It’s funny-the Enquirer used to publish bizarre stories about alien abductions nd being held captive by a band of craezd midgets in lower WSlobbovia,etc along with grusome photos of auto accidents or people run over by trains.
    Now-when they have made some real scoops on the scumbag character of public figures like John Edwards they’re going under.Ironic.
    You should buy The Nation in case you run out of toilet paper(or need to wrap some fish).

  2. I do think of John Edwards when I think of the N.E….
    My newspaper friends ( see link for Celia on my R side blog list of extended family’ it’s near the top) mostly think that all print newspapers’ days are numbered….

      1. Yes, Ob, perhaps I should assign my 6th grade daughter to clean up your posts. Could prove instructive! Then again, maybe not…

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