Throw it Away

That’s what the FDA says to do if you have Darvon, Darvocet or generic equivalents. I’ve never seen the FDA pull a drug that way. It’s usually ‘ask your doctor’ and it’s months before patients get the message.

Darvon causes heart rhythm disturbances at therapeutic levels. Here’s the news report. I see it prescribed for the elderly. Not all that often, but it’s not a terribly unusual pain med. An old person having a heart attack doesn’t seem suspicious. It takes epidemiological studies over time to see a pattern.

Dr. Sidney Wolfe, who is to big pharma as Ralph Nader was to the auto industry, faults the FDA for taking so long. Link here for why. It’s quite convincing, and if I had any propoxyphene pain med in my house I’d take their advice and stop taking it. Ask your pharmacist if they offer safe disposal of unwanted drugs.


One thought on “Throw it Away

  1. I knew this stuff was terrible over 40 years ago when I had to take it.
    The best intermediate painkiller is Vicodin.
    The best heavy duty one is Dilaudid.
    I don’t know about Oxycontin but it’s related to Percocet which shut down my urinary tract the one time I took it.
    I really hate Foley catheters.
    Toridol is an effective non-narcotic,but verboten if you’re on Plavix,aspirin,or coumadin and you can only take it for 5 days-plus I’m allergic to anything ending in-profen.

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