Stop the Presses!

The blindingly obvious is validated when researchers pull out some statistics…

One study by a sociologist at Albany, Kate W. Strully, found that people who lose their jobs are 83 percent more likely to develop stress-induced conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, or depression. Another paper by an economist at Columbia University, Till von Wachter, looked at mortality and income records of workers in Pennsylvania during the recession of the early 1980s. Wachter found that death rates increased astronomically for the unemployed in the year they lose their jobs, up to 100 percent.

Hey, four months of underemployment got me ten extra pounds– and I have more options in the job market than most. It’s clear that a rational view of public health would take into account social circumstances– especially large scale ones like a recession. Does that patient need Prozac, or a job?

Rhode Islanders will be cheered to see that our unemployment rate has gone down slightly, and we can hope that’s a trend.

Massachusetts, with its health program and gay marriage and Democrat governor has 3% less unemployment than our state. This despite the leadership of brilliant business magnate Donald Carcieri, who has been vigorously cutting services to the people most in need while giving tax cuts to the richest. I hope prosperity will trickle down on us some day. Otherwise we’re going to have to pressure the new governor to do something drastic, like help hundreds of small businesses instead of giving a huge tax break to one big risky venture.


3 thoughts on “Stop the Presses!

  1. Nancy-I have no objection of any significance to gay marriage,but,really,how do you manage to work it it into every conversation?
    Sometimes less is more-the constant drumbeat over it in the midst of arguably much more immediate problems may be counter productive for advocates of it.
    If it came to a referendum,I’d just not vote.
    I actually kind of like you because you’re as committed to what you believe as I am.
    Plus you live in the real world.

  2. Hey, Governor Carcieri paid James Bopp Jr. $15,000 or our tax money for an opinion on gay marriage. And he already had lawyers on the state payroll who were supposed to be doing this.
    He could have had my opinion for free, it’s my contribution to our state.
    He could have used the $15,000 to house a homeless family for a year. That’s the kind of family values I’d like to see.
    I don’t think Bopp is going to pay us back.

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