Feeling Safe

They came first for the Muslim’s junk,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Muslim.

You can see where this is going, but it’s still funny. Read the rest here.

I seldom fly, and I’ve never had any problems walking through the perfectly safe radiation of the body scanners, so I can’t get too terribly excited about this. Soon after 9/11, when the images of falling planes and burning towers were still fresh in our minds, the Bush adminstration passed over all kinds of proposed security measures at airports because it would cut into airline profits. I trust the market to thwart any practice that aggravates travelers enough to make them take the train instead.

But I’m wondering about another intrusion– a hand in my wallet.

Last year I went to cash a paycheck, drawn from Bank of America, at a branch of Bank of America. They wanted to charge me $7. They called it a ‘convenience fee’. No ‘my word is my bond’ here. No gratitude for the bailout. They didn’t want to be inconvenienced to honor their own check.

So I mentioned this to a co-worker last week and she said, ‘Did they want to fingerprint you?’ She said that they had required this of her husband. I said I’d show them a finger, but not for a print.

Is this really happening? Did any of you readers get hassled this way at the bank?

Some commenters here felt that it is lax to let citizens vote without ID. But I’m feeling like we are being led by convenience and nagging to ‘show our papers’ when dealing with corporations. I’m sick of being asked for my CVS card. Or my phone number or email. It’s none of Bob’s Store’s business where I live.

On the other hand I’ve started Facebooking, giving away all the details of my banal life. But there’s some things I’ll share with the world wide web that I should not have to discuss with my bank.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Safe

  1. Yeah,this happened to me a while back.I had a check someone gave me drawn on Bank of America,where I don’t have an account.they put my fingerprint on the check and told me there would be a $5 fee.I told them to forget it and went to my own bank,where there aren’t any crazy fees.
    I don’t mind showing ID when cashing a check,but this fingerprinting thing is BS.
    BTW your hatred for Bush seems pathological-it’s all Bush’s fault,hmmm?
    Hey,I never liked him and never voted for him and he did get us into a war that was totally unecessary ,but just maybe it’s time Obama started accepting blame for things that are going downhill and not only for “failure to communicate”.
    Bank of America really sucks-try Bank Rhode Island-they’re much more consumer friendly,only they don’t have that many branches.

  2. Another thing-what exactly do you have against voter ID?Afraid it would exclude someone from voting who isn’t legally entitled to?Why don’t we just give it all away to anyone who wanders in here in the name of political correctness?It’s harder to check out a book from the library than to vote.
    I suspect you really don’t care who votes as long as they support the Cicillines and Chafees.
    Cicilline and that scum Esserman have done a GREAT job making the city safer,haven’t they?we made the top 100 list for dangerous cities,ahead of Boston and NYC.Of course NYC has a police force larger than many armies.Bloomberg has turned the place into a police state.
    Cicilline doesn’t care now-the little s**t got what he wanted and now Providence residents can go to hell as far as he’s concerned.
    I don’t envy Tavares the cleanup job.

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