Only 32 More Un-Shopping Days Left

14th Annual Buy Nothing Day
Winter Coat Exchange
Friday, November 26th, 2010 10:00am – 2:00pm
If you have a coat to give, please drop it off.
If you need a coat, please pick one up.
State House lawn (directly across from Providence Place Mall)
• Greg Gerritt 331-0529,
• Phil Edmonds 461-3683,
* Rain/Snow site: Cathedral of Saint John, 271 N Main Street, Providence, RI
Other Coat Exchange Sites:

Blackstone Valley Visitors Center, 175 Main St. Pawtucket
• Arthur Pitt 724-8915,
Newport: St Paul's Church, 12 Marlborough Street
• Maggie Bulmer 849-3537
Wakefield: St. Francis Church, 114 High Street 10:00am – NOON
• Tom Abbott 364-0778
Woonsocket: St. Ann's Arts & Cultural Center, 84 Cumberland Street
• Wally Rathbun

My friend Phil sent this. He buys stuff, and I do too. In fact, the mob at the Mall is kind of reassuring after the desperation of the last few years. But I’m a procrastinator, so maybe I’ll celebrate the Three Kings and pick up some deals at the post-season sales.

They’re already playing Christmas music, it just makes me melancholy. I might observe the holiday with some of Fischel Brezler’s music, and see if Joyce wants to go carolling at the ACI. Whatever you do this season, be jolly. Don’t do any stuff you don’t want to do and don’t let your cat eat tinsel– it doesn’t digest.


3 thoughts on “Only 32 More Un-Shopping Days Left

  1. Anyone who goes to the mall or a big box store on Friday is crazy.
    Caroling at the ACI?
    Why not at Hasbro?
    Joyce must be Joyce Katzberg,so maybe I get it.

    1. Yes, my family and friends will be gathering outside of the Women’s Prison in Cranston, RI (on Wilma Schleser Rd. off of Pontiac Ave.) on Christmas Eve at seven o’clock PM. This will be the 26th year we have gathered to sing carols and songs of hope. We will meet unless the weather is severe and dangerous. Spread the word.

      We used to gather outside of Hasbro in Pawtucket for our annual war toys protest on the day after Thanksgiving. Hasn’t happened in years.

      1. “War toys”?Ohmigod,I know you have a good heart and all,but you seriously lack an appreciation of what goes on in the world.
        Kids like toy guns and stuff.I used to wear my dad’s WW2 gear and my kids did the same with my stuff from Vietnam.
        It doesn’t mean they’ll grow up to be antisocial.
        By the way,the Hasbro I referred to was the hospital for children,not the factory.
        My left wing liberal father had me shooting real guns when I was ten years old-it didn’t make me a murderer.He thought it was a useful skill.I did turn out to be somewhat right wing,however.

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