Security Level Plaid

I hardly ever fly, so I’m no expert, but the color code did nothing for me but make me paranoid. That is not the optimal state of mind for someone who needs to be vigilant for real threats. Will we be less safe without it?

WASHINGTON — The Homeland Security Department is proposing to discontinue the color-coded terror alert system that became a symbol of the country’s post-9/11 jitters and the butt of late-night talk show jokes.

The 8-year-old system, with its rainbow of five colors – from green, signifying a low threat, to red, meaning severe – became a fixture in airports, in government buildings and on newscasts. Over the past four years, millions of travelers have begun and ended their trips to the sound of airport recordings warning that the threat level is orange.

Have any of you frequent fliers seen it not orange?

I saw on the net that John Boehner, who is orange, walked through security with no search at all.

I don’t think that the House Majority Leader is going to get physical when he has so many more subtle powers, but why not let the politicians see how the rest of us live? I’d make them take the bus. If they don’t have to follow the rules they set for everyone else, who knows where it will end? Security level plaid– who won the World Series in 2004? Is Boehner a German name?


7 thoughts on “Security Level Plaid

  1. Would you have said “is Boehner a Jewish name?”on this politically correct blog?I guess west European heritage is a green light to make smarmy statements about ethnicity.

  2. Actually that was a WWII joke, like in the old movies. But some of my best friends are German. I had German Measles and my first car was a Volkswagen. For the love of god, how much more do I have to do to prove myself? It’s too late for Oktoberfest.

  3. I totally agree with this post! This has nothing to do with my writing, but I think not only should political leaders have to go through this procedure, but so should the wealthy who have private jets. I also suspect that the “polls” are skewered because many of the people being asked if they object have not endured these procedures.

    I’ve traveled the same visiting-home trip for the last 20 years, and still 9 times out of 10, my luggage gets searched. The TSA does not provide security; they provide security theater.

    But Happy Thanksgiving anyway!

  4. WHY should wealthy people with their own jets get searched?That’s infantile.So they can be punished for being wealthy?I don’t envy their lifestyle.
    Their jets are personal property(we still have that int the USA)not “communal”property.
    Would you like to be searched when you got in your car for no reason?
    Wow,that’s about the most immature little rant I’ve heard in awhile.
    If political leaders are flying commercial,then I say they should be screened like everyone else.Enough of them are criminals and crazies anyhow.
    You ARE right that the TSA provides security theater instead of security.
    Real security would involve behavioral profiling and extra attention to young men from predominantly Moslem countries,although a terrorist could really be from any country.We are fighting Islamic extremists,not Buddhist,Sikh,or Christian extremists.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Unfortunately there are some dangerous terrorists who describe themselves as Christian. From the KKK to Timothy McVeigh, domestic terrorism has to be monitored too.
    You’re right that behavior is what we need to watch.

    1. You’re right-but when organizations like the SPLC and ACLU conflate gun rights groups and organizations that only are asking for EXISTING immigration laws to be enforced with KKK and white supremacist psychos they are doing no one a service.
      Happy Thanksgiving.

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