Happy Thanksgiving

Mahaghosananda always said to practice Truthfulness, Forbearance and Gratitude. I have enough to be grateful for that it takes more than a day to contemplate my blessings.

Thanks to all who are working today, keeping it all going while the rest of us get a day off.

The Pro.Jo reports that the airport screening slowdown action is a bust.

At Green, where travelers were moving quickly through security at midmorning Wednesday, it was clear that almost everyone was opting instead to concentrate on getting home for the holiday weekend.

“I would say that ‘Opt-Out Day’ was a total bust here,” said Joseph Salter, federal security director for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in Rhode Island. “Our longest wait time today was about 5 minutes, and that was at 5:30 a.m.”

That was totally predictable. As an old lefty from way back, I could have told them that you can’t recruit people into a mass action if you ask them to stand out as individuals, face anger from everyone around them, and disrupt their own plans. Ill considered and way too costly. For most people the cost of a plane ticket and time out of work are a major sacrifice– they are very invested in getting through that line in time to catch their flight.

The scanner issue will have to be worked out elsewhere.

Safe travel everyone, or be happy at home. And thanks again to all you who are working today.


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I loved your reference to yourself as an “old lefty.” And yes, I thought the same thing: Saul Alinksy said always to stay inside the comfort zone of your people and outside the comfort zone of the people you were protesting against. The “opt out” protest was the opposite, and so doomed, although I am happy to see people objecting to showy but probably not-worth-it TSA intrusiveness, what Keith Olbermann calls “security theater.”

    Happy T-Day to everyone and to this thoughtful, wide-reaching website.

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