Confusion or Camouflage?

I’m fascinated by politician-at-large Sarah Palin’s use of language. She is a brilliant communicator of indefensible ideas via wink and nod. She cultivates a vagueness that
passes as casual sincerity, but serves her with deniability.

Anyone can make a verbal slip, especially under pressure. But there’s more than that happening with her ‘North Korea’ gaffe.

Here’s the direct quote…

“We’re not having a lot of faith that the White House is going to come out with a strong enough policy to sanction what it is that North Korea is going to do,” she said on the Fox News presenter’s nationally syndicated radio show.
“So this speaks to a bigger picture here that certainly scares me in terms of our national security policies.
“But obviously we gotta stand with our North Korean allies.”

Screen out for a moment her error in which Korea she was referring to. Consider that this is the former governor of Alaska and that she could have been our president– making foreign policy and defense decisions. Note that she doesn’t even say ‘I’. It’s some nebulous ‘We’. You and who else, Sarah?

She’s being interviewed on the radio by Glenn Beck, who’s doing everything short of giving her a foot massage. Does she dare to say what she would actually do, or what the president should do, in this crisis? No, she just says that the situation scares her.
Well yeah, it scares everyone. But if you aspire to lead and want to criticize the president you need to put out something specific. What comes next tells a lot about how she uses language to cover her lack of knowledge.

I mean, a reasonable response would have been for her to slap her forehead and say ‘Golly– of course, I meant to say ‘South Korea’, but she doesn’t. Because at that moment she can’t get her Koreas straight even with prompting, so she runs for cover…

When the host immediately corrected her Mrs Palin repeated: “Er yeah. And we’re also bound by prudence to stand with our South Korean allies, yes.”

‘We’re also’? This doesn’t make sense. We’re not supporting both Koreas now. We are facing a belligerent North Korea that has been trouble for more than two generations. There was this Korean War she might want to read up on.

She’s good with the dig and the implication, but when it comes to risking a real opinion and saying what she would do about this crisis, she runs for cover.

Again, anyone can make a verbal slip, but how she handled it speaks volumes.


13 thoughts on “Confusion or Camouflage?

  1. How many conservatives do you think REALLY want to see her run for President?
    Not me.Nor that lowlife Gingrich.He’s very well read and intelligent,but his personal behavior as opposed to his moralistic posturing is disgusting.
    Tom Coburn,,a REAL conservative from Oklahoma stated openly he’d never vote for Newt.Good for him.
    BTW remember Obama’s “57 states”?He must have been thinking of Heinz Foods.LOL.

  2. I’m hopeful she does not become the GOP nominee. I’m really unsure how she’s been able to stay in the limelight this long.

    1. I think she’s actually extremely bright and talented at what she does, using language to send double messages. She has an odd syntax and vaugue way of speaking that sounds spontaneous but is effective at getting the message to the base but providing cover if anyone calls her on her statements.
      Americans are angry, and fearful. In the past we turned on our own– persecuting immigrants, minorities,and the African-Americans who built the foundations of our country with their unpaid and underpaid labor. If we do this again, it will be to our shame and will not help the workers who see their share of the wealth diminshing.

    2. Because we have personality driven media-every story has to have a “hook”.
      Palin causes strong emotions for positive or negative reasons in so many people it behooves the media to keep her in center focus.
      She actually is a good speaker and energizing in the sense that these “motivational speakers”you often see on tv in the offhours are.And then you ask yourself “who are they to motivate anyone”?And you realize that their “success” has been in telling others how to be successful.Does that make any sense?
      Obama isn’t much different except he has a Harvard law degree.When you look for specifics on what he ACTUALLY did,it gets pretty thin.
      He and palin share morer than either would like to admit.
      Maybe she ought to move to a state where a Democratic candidate is up for re-election in 2012 nd run for that seat.Then she might get six years of serious governmental responsibility under her belt.
      Hillary Clinton pulled the carpetbagger routine in NY so why not?

  3. let me just say that–
    1. Sarah Palin was governor of Alaska and she quit.
    2. They don’t give out college degrees from candy machines. If you think there’s nothing important about earning a credential, then trust ‘Joe’ the ‘Plumber’ to hook up your gas burner.

    1. A plumbing license carries more practical weight than a law degree.
      Obama was editor of the Law Review at Harvard,yet never submitted an article.Who carried him?You will never ask yourself that quaetion.
      it took me from 1963-73 to get a Bachelor’s degree,but there was almost 5 years of military active duty in between my two periods of schooling-I never had any “on line” courses.Nowadays you can get a Phd on line.I have met a few people who did and they didn’t show much.
      Your hatred for Sarah Palin is beyond normal,and I would like to know why.I’m sure you won’t explain it.

      1. One more thing-I didn’t want McCain to select Palin.She wasn’t up job.
        You,on the other hand,idolized “the One”like a teenager swooning over the Beatles.It must be hard to admit he’s a loser all the way around.

  4. I realize nancy,that you like to find every negative iota about Sarah palin and put a spotlight on it.
    Here’s something the media has studiously ignored about Michelle Obama-why hasn’t she practiced law since 1993 even though she has a law degree?
    Because her law license is indefinitely suspended in Illinois-she wasn’t disbarred,but still can’t practice.
    The details are very hard to find(“cleansing”?)but appear to involve participation in insurance fraud.
    I’m sure this is too uncomfortable a subject for you to want to engage in.
    It’s the double standard that I find disgusting-Michelle is hands off,verboten,etc.and Sarah Palin is a pinata for the media and left wing bloggers.

  5. Observer, I don’t know much about being a lawyer, so I was going to call one, my niece. Before I did I dropped by, which says this story is false as far as any implication of wrongdoing. Snopes says Michelle Obama let her license become inactive because she didn’t need it in her work and keeping it active involves fees and continuing education. Snopes says this is not unusual.
    I didn’t do more than 5 seconds of searching to find the details. I don’t think I need to call a lawyer now.

    1. I know lawyers who haven’t practiced in years,and one who never practiced law who keep up their bar membership.
      The Obamas weren’t on food stamps,so the expense would not have been a burden.
      I don’t expect we will ever know for sure and I don’t care that much,but your obsession with Sarah Palin is weird.

  6. If Sarah Palin decides to run for President she will have to account for her words, especially when she’s talking about Korea.

    1. Don’t most people who run for President have to account for just about anything anyone can dig up on them?
      you’re real good at demanding citations and wanting to hold certain peoples’ feet to the fire.
      Just ONCE I’d like to see you ask “klaus” for a source on some of the allegations he makes.
      Sarah Palin won’t make a serious run.I know you’d like her to so this guy can get in again,but I don’t see it happening.
      Obama may not even be nominated again,although I gotta say Hillary is in trouble over the Wikileaks material.
      Assange is actually helping Obama
      in an indirect way.
      How come the administration can’t neutralize Wikileaks?
      It seems Amazon and Paypal have better IT security than the government.

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