Thorns in Her Crown

I know I should leave this alone, but Talking Points Memo has a quote from an editorial about the blood libel of Sarah Palin in the Washington Times…

This is simply the latest round of an ongoing pogrom against conservative thinkers. The last two years have seen a proliferation of similar baseless charges of racism, sexism, bigotry, Islamophobia and inciting violence against those on the right who have presented ideas at odds with the establishment’s liberal orthodoxy.

The word ‘pogrom’ refers to a terrible episode in European history where Christians persecuted the Jewish minority by saying really, really hurtful things. And taking statements and tweets that didn’t mean anything and making a big deal out of it. And embarrassing Jews with tough questions in interviews so that they would get all rattled and mix up their Koreas. It was dark times.

Sarah Palin’s publicists are saying that she’s getting increased death threats, which is not okay. She should call the police, but it’s unclear whether she has. It’s unclear how many threats she got before, is getting now, from who or what or any details. But her people say she’s getting threats and the press reports this as fact. The Nation thinks the press should dig a little deeper.

I think that everyone in public life must be getting flamed all the time. And actual threats are all too common. Incivility makes it harder to sort it out. Also, crying wolf.

If our leaders can’t find it in themselves to embrace civility for its own sake, they need to think about the down side of raising the level of anger. They have to meet the public, and when everyone is yelling it’s hard to spot the one dangerous face in the crowd.

13 thoughts on “Thorns in Her Crown

  1. I would think she’s not crying wolf.She’s become a magnet for attention of both kinds-positive and negative.
    Like I said on another thread,you don’t have to be controversial to be threatened,injured,or killed-any kind of notoriety brings it on.
    None of this is new stuff.We just hear about it right away.
    McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist.
    So was Mayor Cermak of Chicago,and former Governor Stunenberg of Colorado.
    This stuff happened a LONG time ago,but we didn’t have CABLE or INTERNET,etc.
    Technology is always a two edged sword.

    1. And your first line is probably right-maybe you shoild leave it(Sarah Palin)alone-you’ve become sort of obsessive about her.It’s your blog and all,but it’s not like she holds office or makes laws.
      She’s doing reality TV!!
      Reality TV is an oxymoron to a large extent.
      If you noticed.the RNC selected some guy no one ever heard of in the general media as Chairman,not Sarah Palin.

      1. Do you think John McCain put country first when he chose her as running mate?
        She came very close to being a heartbeat away from the presidency.
        And she and her supporters keep making me laugh. It’s been pretty depressing the past two weeks, so I need some comic relief.

  2. I couldn’t believe he selected her.I voted for McCain and hoped like hell that if he won,he’d stay healthy.
    McCain should’ve picked Romney-he would have won.
    Even Huckabee was credible.
    I had never heard of her.
    Condoleeza Rice might have been the best choice available because of her experience in antional security and foreign relations,but maybe she indicated no interest.

    1. Romney is going to have to distance himself from Mormonism if he wants the Evangelical vote. He’ll have to distance himself from Massachusetts too.
      Huckabee paroled some very bad criminals because they were Christians.
      Condoleeza Rice does not want her private life invaded.
      McCain might have considered them, but he was pretty far out there at that time. Remember Joe the Plumber?

      1. I’m not too enthusiastic about Huckabee either,but he had more going for him than Palin.
        I can’t understand why Obama picked Biden,who said a really disgusting,racially patronizing thing about him during the primaries-you know,the”clean,articulate” remark.Tell me that didn’t offend you.It’s typical of so many liberals,particularly the East Side types.

  3. You might like the Brady prayer i posted a little while ago.

    Or not.

    That’s Brady the football player, not the one who was shot or the one who is Providence’s Superintendent of schools.

  4. The word ‘pogrom’ refers to a terrible episode in European history where Christians persecuted the Jewish minority by saying really, really hurtful things. And taking statements and tweets that didn’t mean anything and making a big deal out of it. And embarrassing Jews with tough questions in interviews so that they would get all rattled and mix up their Koreas. It was dark times.

    Please, PLEASE tell me that you are being facetious when you say that the pogroms consisted of people badmouthing Jews. I think it was more like people *murdering* Jews. One of my great-grandfathers was shot in the stomach during a pogrom and all four of my grandparents had to flee Russia for their lives.

    1. As much as I disagree with ninjanurse often,I don’t think she meant to minimize what pogroms were.They were government sponsored mass murders committed largely by the “Black Hundreds”who were halfass paramilitaries that were highly effective against unarmed people.
      Jews who push gun control are idiots,because they ignore history.My great grandfather was in the Russian army for 25 years(drafted!!) and Jews in the military and their families didn’t egt victimized during thaat period-my great grandfather only had to fight in three wars, so he had it easy LOL.
      My grandfather and his brothers came to the US when they were young-why hang around a place like the Russian Empire?My gramps was just 16 when he landed at Ellis Island on his own.
      My mom’s family was from Austria-Hungary where Emperor Franz Joseph made a sincere effort to suppress anti-semitism.
      Actually i think ninjanurse was trying to satirize Sarah Palin and made the point in an obtuse way which could easily be misunderstood.
      Unlike leftists,I don’t ascribe racism or bigotry lightly.

  5. Thanks, Observer, and I’m sorry, GallingGalla, no offense was meant. Actually, the Washington Times was bought by Rev.Moon and has been an unreliable news source for years. The use of the word ‘pogrom’ applied to political discourse was so ignorant I had to satirize it. Someone recently used the ‘high tech lynching’ metaphor again. We all know that lynching was the practice of sharply criticizing politicians for what they do and making powerful people uncomfortable.

    1. It’s interesting that you mention the Rev.Moon.When I was in the INS we ahd a lot of problems with “Moonies” working illegally in the US(not many in RI)and they were virtually all from western Europe.(Contrary to what the “advocates”say,we went after everyone)and kind of cultlike.
      I believe in recent years the “cult” aspect of Moon’s church has diminished greatly,although I wonder if they still have mass arranged marriages.

  6. I wonder how deeply they are entwined in American politics. They had a lot of politicians, Dem and Repub, eating out of their hands. They were side by side with Jerry Falwell fighting for their tax exemptions. They owned the Washington Times, and turned it far right.
    How this weird evangelist from Korea has so much money and influence here is a mystery.

    1. What about Scientology?It was invented by a science fiction writer in the 1940’s.I still have one or two old science fiction magazines from that era with advertisements from L.Ron Hubbard for “Dianetics”.I guess that’s the basis for Scientology.
      People believe all kinds of things-which is ok with me-I’d rather have that than some monolithic imposed system.
      I guess Moon got a lot of people to contribute,and then invested it well,resulting in a self-sustaining income.
      The “Moonies”I spoke of were all over the country selling stuff on the street.
      It adds up.
      Can you imagine how much money gets sent to these televangelists?i mean,Jimmy Swaggart,gimme a break!You know Jerry Lee Lewis was his cousin?Swaggart is like a non-politicaal Glenn Beck.Or how about a guy calling himself Creflo A.Dollar?Or the late Reverend Ike who’d sell you a prayer cloth?He was up front,saying it was ALL about money and having your pie here on Earth.

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