Faith vs Guns

Today’s sermon by Rev. James Ford was dedicated to the life of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King.

I understand when Dr Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated, after the police and FBI arrived, during all the confusion, people running around, agents trying to get a handle on what had happened, one agent informed his superior on a walkie-talkie how he just heard Coretta Scott King say that Martin’s dream would never die. There was, I gather, a pause. Then the agent’s superior instructed him to, “Find out what that dream was.” So, what was that dream? And what might it mean for us? I think these are terribly important questions, and finding some sense of their meaning is critical for us in these hard, hard times.

Dr. King was surrounded by danger and threats every day of his public ministry. The forces of law worked as much to thwart him as protect him. What dream inspired him to face guns with truth, knowing the risk he took?

Do our representatives think of this, when they speak to a crowd? Is it some kind of faith that our national sanity will prevail that allows them to stand before us without bulletproof glass? Will they get our vote for that, or will we rush to arm ourselves and let the right to speak fearlessly recede into history?

What kind of courage led unarmed people to march for rights, in the face of weapons and the mis-use of law? What dream of America did they value more than life? Can we find out what that dream was?

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