Brand New Weight Loss Miracle Food

This is a new one– resistant carbs.

“Starch can fall into one of three classifications: readily digestible, slowly digestible and resistant. The latter does not get absorbed in the small intestines. Starch foods that fall into the resistant category are only minimally digested. On a side note, any digestion that takes place is slow, which in turn results in a slow but steady release of glucose into the bloodstream.”

Beans, sweet potatoes, whole-grain pasta are ‘resistant’. Nothing wrong with any of these foods, but there’s nothing new either.

I had about three golden years of young adulthood where I was very active with martial arts. I ate less than I do now, and kind of forgot about my weight altogether. It was not a problem.

I remember half-hearing a commercial on TV about something called ‘starch block’. Starch block? Maybe it would be okay with some butter and salt and pepper, but why not stick with the traditional spaghetti or that newfangled rotini everyone was eating? Would a starch block be less slippery on your plate? Wouldn’t it be tricky to cook it all the way through?

I soon realized that ‘starch block’ was not a new pasta shape, but a pill that promised to quarantine the starch as it passed through your digestion.

‘Resistant starches’ won’t work for me. I like all those foods just fine, but you eat a couple of yams and that’s a lot of calories no matter how much the yams resist. I’ll extract those calories in the end, so help me God.


9 thoughts on “Brand New Weight Loss Miracle Food

  1. Being diabetic,I look for carbs wrapped up with fiber so they releasemore slowly and don’t drop a maaive sugar release on you.
    Sometimes everything works ok and sometimes not.It never gets better,and I’ve had it about 22 years.
    I was in good shape when it showed up out of the blue.Turns out it was triggered by Agent Orange.

  2. I’ve always wondered if there is a connection between Agent Orange and vasculitis or other auto-immune diseases. Good luck with the diabetes. Weight control alone is so difficult, diabetes is a full-time job to manage.

    1. Yes-it seems like Agent Orange affects the immune system in a way that is quite opposite of AIDS,yet very dangerous.
      AO exposed personnel never developed any particular susceptibility to infection(except maybe secondarily from uncontroled diabetes)but seem to suffer from auto immune diseases like diabetes,a form of porhyria(cutenea tardis),primary amyloidosis,chloracne,various cancers(which really are sort of autoimmune diseases)such as lymphoma(Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins),prostate,respiratory,multiple myeloma,ischemic heart disease(with ot without diabetes)and some other ilnesses,noe of which are infectious.
      So far I’ve had lymphoma,secondary hernia and adhesions from treatment of lymphoma,diabetes,secondary CAD requiring multiple stents due to diabetes,as well as all the good stuff that goes along with diabetes although I haven’t had any amputations or vision loss.
      I think what happened is that AO aggravated pre-existing tendencies at a genetic level related to these ilnesses.
      I don’t know this for a fact,because I am certainly no researcher in any health related field,but I was an investigator and I know how to evaluate a set of facts and draw a conclusion logically.
      Some people here will readily dispute that but it’s okay-we are all entitled to our opinions.
      AO related diseases have killed tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans and sickened many times that.
      The government lied their asses off about this until Jesse Brown,Clinton’s VA Secretary,forced the truth to the surface.He himself died of AO related cancer.
      Gulf War Syndrome is also real and the government has lied about that.
      I’m sure I’ll see you on Capitol TV for the same sex marriage hearings-every year it gets pretty animated.
      I wonder if the Chris&Kara Show will be on this year?
      I actually watch this stuff becaause otherwise I might forget what a shipwreck the legidslature is.

    1. and saw horrific pictures of Vietnamese children who suffered birth defects because their parents absorbed high levels of dioxin.

      1. The stuff never goes away,but I honestly think they didn’t know what it would do when they used it.The crime was lying afterwards.
        Both my son and daughter had some mediacal problems I think are associated with it,but not nearly as bad as what happened to the kids of some guys I know.

  3. I’m really sorry to hear that. I didn’t know whether there were problems in the US with children of soldiers exposed to Agent Orange.

    1. I knew one man whose 4 year old daughter died of a condition associated with it,then he died a few years later from AO related disease.
      These effects on children have been documented.
      My son’es problem was relatively minor,but not correctible,my daughter’s more serious,but diagnosed early aand treated successfully.
      Both are in their early to mid 30’s now and are OK.

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