Wishing I’d read more of those issues of ‘The Economist’ my brother-in-law sent me. Egypt is undergoing what may be a peaceful transition from autocracy to democracy, by the courage of its people, especially its youth.

I light a candle for justice and human rights. The military is standing by, I heard on the radio that volunteers among the demonstrators are checking ID’s and behavior, to ensure that provocateurs will not incite violence.

Over 300 have been killed, but as terrible as this is there is hope that Egypt may change its government without massive bloodshed.

The whole world is watching.

MORE ON INCITEMENT: The Washington Post reports that Egyptian police are among the museum looters, an outrage that, of course, justifies calling the police to bash some heads…

CAIRO – Human Rights Watch confirmed several cases of undercover police loyal to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s regime committing acts of violence and looting in an attempt to stoke fear of instability as demonstrations grew stronger Tuesday against the autocratic leader.

Peter Bouckaert, the emergency director at Human Rights Watch, said hospitals confirmed that they received several wounded looters shot by the army carrying police identification cards. They also found several cases of looters and vandals in Cairo and Alexandria with police identification cards. He added that it was “unexplainable” that thousands of prisoners escaped from prisons over the weekend.

“Mubarak’s mantra to his own people was that he was the guarantor of the nation’s stability. It would make sense that he would want to send the message that without him, there is no safety,” Bouckaert said

We’ve seen this movie before. Fear tactics to justify repression. Thank the press, the internet and cell phones for getting word out fast.

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