Kmareka Predictions Infallible

Okay, readers, in the best tradition of psychics everywhere, I’m going to take credit for predictions that came true, and fudge anything that is even remotely close. So far, we’re 2 for 2. From our predictions…

January 2011– cyberattack on banks make debit cards useless for a day.
February 2011– Dow Jones hits 12,000

Well, I cherry-picked the news and found that indeed, ATM’s for Bank of America went down for most of a day last month. They say it was just a routine glitch, but that’s what they’d like you to believe.

Today the Dow is over 12,000. Score two!

My retirement plan is to be the little old lady who reads cards, so it’s not too early to start building up the reputation. Jeanne Dixon used to make a career out of predicting what celebrities were going to do, and I’ve tried. But celebrities are boring and I can’t keep their names straight. Jeanne had more stamina than I have.

I’m predicting an epidemic of cabin fever if this snow doesn’t stop soon. Keep warm guys.

5 thoughts on “Kmareka Predictions Infallible

  1. The cabin fever is likely to be long and severe, so make sure you have your bread, milk, and a designated “time alone” space for everyone in the house!

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