I Want to Believe

Can’t sleep, probably too much coffee.

But coffee is good for me, according to a study. I’m less likely to have a stroke, and the more I drink the smarter I get.

I want to believe that coffee drinking promotes health. More likely, the women who feel run down and sick aren’t up for a cup of coffee. The coffee drinkers weed out as those old ladies who have strong stomachs and can still find the bean grinder and have the ambition to grind the beans. It’s so much easier to drop a tea bag into a cup of microwaved water. Yuck.

But there are those who have just stopped caring. And they have stopped drinking coffee. They are too debilitated to brew the staff of life, and so drop out of the coffee drinking group. Only the strongest keep percolating.

Causation vs correlation- it’ll get you every time.

3 thoughts on “I Want to Believe

  1. There is some thought that the growth of the popularity of brewing and drinking coffee, and the stimilation that resulted, was the reason for the amazing ideas and creativity of the 18th century in Europe and America. Apparently,the popularity of coffee houses was both a magnet to creative people to congregate and the added coffee “high” got brains working.It has even been proposed that the coffee bean, originating in the highlands of Ethiopia,
    may well have ben the stimulus for the American and French revolutions.

    The new found beneficial effects of coffee in medicine should not be too surprising. Coffee is a natural product with a complex chemistry. It is interesting that this coffee news follows a new found positive aspect of tobacco smoking, tobacco being one of the most complicated chemical factories in the natural world. It appears that nicotine may prevent or lessen the impact of senile dementia, at least in some people. Now, that is remarkable.

    1. I want to believe that coffee is making me a better person, I drink a lot of it. I think it might be possible for horticulturalists to grow strains of coffee that cause euphoria and racing thoughts. On a good day, that’s what I feel in the morning after a few cups.
      I think the cigs might be the same elimination bias– the really demented elders forget to smoke.
      I’ve had some burned out of their housing, too, so I’d recommend they go for smokeless cigarettes.

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