3 thoughts on “My Sexual Orientation

  1. I noticed Duane Clinker and Gene Dyskiewicz got almost unlimited time.
    People against same sex marriage got rushed through their testimony by Sen.Jabour.
    Jenny Rosario gave the committee a much needed lesson in fair treatment.
    I am not choosing sides on the issue,but there was something extremely rude about Sen.Jabour’s behavior towards one side.
    That’s unusual for him.
    There was also an enormous amont of religious speechifying by both committee members and people testifying.
    I get tired of a Senate hearing sounding like a religious roundtable.

  2. oh,yeah-I tuned in just when Clinker and the other guy were waiting to go-did I miss the Chris and Kara show?

    1. We left just before they were scheduled to speak.
      My take was the lawyers were the most long-winded, and NOM took up a lot of time. There were fewer people at the State House this time, a church group was on the first floor with a TV monitor to watch.
      I kept hearing clergy say that marriage has always been one man and one woman. Have they never read the Old Testament?

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