An Unkind Cut

According to The Phoenix, The great state of Arizona is not afraid to get personal…

Before passing their so-called “birther” bill Wednesday, Arizona Republicans apparently decided it wasn’t fair to limit proof of citizenship to the “long form birth certificate.” So, they amended the measure to include several other forms of proof.

One such document, a certificate of circumcision, is given to the parents of a male Jewish child after his foreskin is snipped.

Donald Trump met with one legislator to air his views and expose his expertise. Donald Trump is a famous celebrity who has been on TV, like Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwartzenegger and Sonny Bono, only without acting talent.

The Phoenix advises citizens to show their papers, not show direct proof of circumcision, as there are still laws against that sort of thing.


6 thoughts on “An Unkind Cut

  1. I personally believe anyone registering to vote or who intends to run for office should show proof of citizenship.
    The following documents are acceptable:
    Birth certificate
    Baptismal/Circumsion Certificate
    US passport
    Certificate of Naturalization N-400
    Certificate of Citizenship N-600
    Document issued by US consulate abroad certifying US citizenship(rare nowadays)
    Military documents are not sufficient as foreign nationals can serve in the US military
    Do you object to that?
    The US Supreme Court has upheld such laws relating to voting.
    It is plain common sense since US law restricts voting and holding elective office to US citizens.
    I know when this issue arises,progressives scream bloody murder complete with all the boilerplate nonsense about “brown people”,but if one were to follow their lead,why would anyone be required to prove they were eligible to legally do something? a medical provider,attorney,plumber,electrician,licensed driver,teacher,etc.?

  2. Can you demonstrate that non-citizens are showing up at the polls in large enough numbers to justify putting obstacles in the way of citizens? It worries me that about 60% of qualified voters don’t vote in most elections.
    If I were going to commit organized voter fraud, I’d do it on a large scale. I’m more worried about the potential for a computer to ‘lose’ thousands of votes in a moment.
    Much more efficient than persuading undocumented people to take a huge risk by coming out to the polls illegally.

    1. What risk?No one checks.
      I want the integrity of the voting process to be safeguarded.You want the truth from my own experience?
      In 1982 the INS and FBI conducted a joint investigation of voter fraud in Chicago.
      I was assigned to the case and we discovered that illegal aliens were routinely accessing voter registration cards by using counterfeit,altered,and imposter documents.
      Not all of them were voting and a lot of the voter fraud didn’t involve aliens at all.
      Once before on this site,some idiot accused me of making this up-I supplied him with at least one name and then he claimed there was no record he could examine.What a jerk.
      You can’t seriously believe that illegal aliens fear being caught trying to vote.
      Actually,even legal residents can’t vote.
      I know you have all this concern for people you think are up against the odds,but even if one is willing to tolerate millions of illegal aliens just being here,I cannot imagine how thier can be any justification for them voting.
      There is no nobility in being an illegal alien-it’s simply something people do to make their lives better(those that aren’t here to commit other crimes-a different issue)and I can’t call them bad people for that but they’re still breaking our laws.
      BTW I believe neither liberals nor conservatives are innocent of promoting voter fraud-each camp has their lowlifes.

  3. I have to agree with both “observer” and “ninja nurse.” I think we need to do more to protect against computer fraud and those voting illegally. I was a poll worker in the last two elections and was surprised at how little check there is on who is actually voting. When stressed by long lines, some poll workers didn’t even ask for addresses of the would be voters. This is not just about illegal immigrants, it is about citizens voting in the correct place. We have to show some id for so many things, can’t see why voting should be different.

    Parrtisan voting machine companies (pro-gop of course) are also an issue for me, especially when there is no adequate paper trail for verification.

    It is important tot ry to maintain the integrity of the voting process.

  4. You’re correct,Barry.
    I may be conservative,but I don’t want to win with rigged machines.
    Probably the vast majority of voter fraaud involves US citizens voting multiples or assuming the identity of others.
    It’s just when one raises the issue of non-citizens(legal or illegal)voting,the “human rights”advocates launch into an attack screaming about “profiling”,”brown people”,etc.
    New arrivals in the US have been manipulated for a long,long time and most of them were White.
    I notice that where I vote there are almost no lines at all and no one even checks to the least degree.You just meander in,tell them who you are,and they give you a ballot.Sloppy to the max.And shameful considering Bank of America gets your fingerprint when you present one of their checks to them and you don’t have an account.They also charge $5 so if I get a BoA check,I just deposit it in my bank.
    Oops,off topic.

  5. You know,Nancy,you asked if it could be “demonstrated” if non-citizens are voting in numbers that are significant.
    How would one if there are no checks done?You’ve posed a challenge for which there is no answer available because the means of getting an answer aren’t legally authorized across the whole country(RI being one such place with no means of doing so)so no,without documentation of each voter,there is no way to tell.
    The potential is certainly there due to the lack of oversight.
    I don’t spend time thinking of arcane objections to bring up.
    My experience makes me concerned for an articulable reason,not just a random belief.
    We’ve even had illegal aliens get hired by the INS!!No word of a lie,although the one case I know something about involved an Army veteran who never knew he was illegally in the US.
    He was granted residence and became a citizen based on honorable military service,but he had to be fired when it was discovered.
    I actually worked with an agent who had no birth or baptismal certificate and couldn’t get a passport based only on witness affidavits of her birth.The State Dept.wasn’t satisfied,but the INS was,and she had a successful career.
    She never was able to escort deportees overseas beause the State Dept.wouldn’t budge.
    You can’t make this stuff up.

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