Make Yours Well-Done

Not surprisingly, what goes around, comes around. Our factory-farmed cows, pigs and chickens, stuffed with antibiotics, are reeking with drug-resistant staph bacteria.

Cook it well, wash your hands, and keep the kid’s hands off it. Wipe your countertops and pay attention to what goes where. You’ll be okay.

The longer view is to eat less, and better meat. To support local farmers and phase out the factory farms. And maybe give some CPR to public health, so that greedy, short-sighted speculators will not be allowed to squander what were once life-saving drugs so that they can raise animals in conditions that would normally kill them.

I’m descended from Celts, and my Barbarian ancestors tell me that Rome wasn’t demolished in a day. We won’t re-organize our agriculture from central to local overnight, but my Yankee ancestors say that it never hurts to keep a few chickens in the back yard just in case.


4 thoughts on “Make Yours Well-Done

  1. Well,I’m definitely not descended from Celts or Yankees-my ancestors were Jews and amazingly they weren’t bankers or concert violinists.
    They were poor on one side(my great grandfather spent 25 years in the Czarist infantry and the pay sucked)and just above that on the other-what we call blue collar today.
    Now,those people wasted nothing.My randmother made jellied calves foot,chicken feet,stuffed beef intestine,brain,lung(YECHH),and all kinds of goodies.Most of it was great and not processed.
    Most of the beef was so fresh it was still mooing and the chickens were also fresh killed and plucked(now THAT was a lousy job-sitting in the back of a butcher all day and plucking chickens and then singing off the remaining quills)and weren’t just out of a fecal bath in a huge processing plant.
    Egg farmers from New jersey drove into Brooklyn a few times a week with fresh eggs.
    I never met anyone who got salmonella.
    I think we’ve regressed a lot in some areas.

  2. They still have egg farms in Johnston, so we can buy local if we pay attention to brands. The chickens are probably only ranging freely in barns or pens, but at least it’s close to home.

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