Talk About Your Bad Bosses

Or maybe he’s just misunderstood. Newt Gingrich’s entire campaign staff quit today.

This doesn’t seem very Republican, walking off the job all at once. It kind of resembles a wildcat strike.

Two aides said Gingrich had refused a request to show a copy of his personal schedule. The aides, speaking only on condition of anonymity, also cited his willingness to give his wife a large role in campaign decisions as a reason for the departures.

While Gingrich told his now-departed aides he would remain in the race, he faces formidable obstacles in assembling a new team in time to compete in a campaign that’s well under way. He has the allegiance of several former aides who served him when he was in Congress, but most if not all of them have moved into other fields.

Most immediately, he is scheduled to participate in a debate next Monday in New Hampshire.

I wonder if this is anything like John and Yoko vs Paul, George and Ringo. Callista might have some really innovative ideas about how Newt should approach the debate, but we are not a culture that appreciates real originality. I still think Yoko is kind of a genius, whether Callista is up to her standard remains to be seen.

Candace, Newt’s half-sister, seems like a nice person, but I don’t think she’ll be canvassing for Newt. Candace is fighting for the right to get married once, whereas some take it for granted that you can get married three times and even get the Church to declare that your first two legally married wives were really just hookups.

Newt’s got more money than God, and he’s sure that God is voting for him, so don’t count him out.


One thought on “Talk About Your Bad Bosses

  1. Gingrich is a very bright guy,but personally,he’s a total scumbag.
    Thankfully this sseems to be the end of his ill-considered run.

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