That’s Why We Call Them, ‘Representatives’

When you take political office, you are representing constituents and ideas. Anthony Weiner was doing some good things in Congress. Now he has embarrassed himself and handed ammunition to his political enemies.

Maybe his constituents will forgive him for making such a fool of himself. It’s hard for me to forgive him for setting back causes, such as health care reform, that so many have worked so hard for.

He let down the team, and that’s worse than letting down himself and his family. I don’t expect politicians to be faithful spouses, I’m just happy if they’re discreet. Is that too much to ask?

3 thoughts on “That’s Why We Call Them, ‘Representatives’

  1. Nancy-do really believe that letting down a political “team”is worse than letting down your family?
    Can’t agree with you on that.
    Personally I can’t stand Wiener,so I’d as soon see him gone,but he seems to have lost credibility and that’s just as good.
    I think these politicians,right,left,and center become deluded by their own access to power.
    It’s been that way throughout history.

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