Someone somewhere mentioned that NPR, often accused of a liberal bias, has a show called ‘Marketplace’. But there’s no show called ‘Workplace’.

I have wanted for a long time to remedy that, and I’m starting a series on this blog where we talk about work.

I want to invite our readers, especially some of our most dedicated commenters, to submit work stories.

Please do use pseudonyms. I don’t know the legal implications, but I don’t want Burger Chef to rise from the dead and sue us if someone discloses what happened after the patties defrosted and the manager refroze them. That’s just a hypothetical. Burger Chef is really dead, right?

Other than avoiding slander, guidelines are to make work the focus of your post, the more real details of the actual work, the better.

Send submissions to me at

Let’s break the last taboo– what do you do at work all day?


7 thoughts on “Workplace

  1. Seriously, anyone who thinks NPR is a way liberal broadcast has not been listening for the past couple of years.

    I can’t tell you how many segments I’ve listened to that present the Republican view with only token representative from the progressive wing. A lot of times, it’s been the Republican position, which has gone unchallenged.

    And Marketplace unabashedly still believes in efficient markets. How can anyone who lived through the past few years still believe in efficient markets? It’s like still believing in the Tooth Fairy. Except at one point you did have what appeared to be evidence of the Tooth Fairy.

    1. NPR gives a lot of airtime to conservatives, I listen to it all day when I’m driving to see patients. Allan West has been on ‘Tell Me More’ several times, I’ve heard Newt, David Brooks, James Bopp and others interviewed at length.

  2. What’s your answer?
    A planned economy?That has worked sooo well in your beloved Europe.
    The Iron Curtain did great also.I remember all the homegrown commie sympathizers of the 50’s fawning over the Soviet Union.I hope they’re turning over in their graves.
    David Horowitz’ book,”Radical Son”is a great book on the subject.
    All the collectivists would have become disullusioned by having to share a communal bathroom with everyone else on their floor and waiting

    in line at “stores”for toilet paper and soap.
    My wife has a cousin whose idiot Castro-worshipping naturalized US citizen husband dragged with him to Cuba in the wake of the “revolution”-he also took his two US citizen sons and one of them was drafted and sent to Angola.He did make it back,but he was serving against his will.
    Eventually,the “revolutionary” and his wife came back to the US to enjoy Social Security and Medicare-it seems the socialist paradise didn’t work out very well when it came to obtaining even the most ordinary products.
    High sounding phrases were cheap and abundant though.
    Maybe the next time you’re perusing the fromage at the Farmer’s Market
    you might consider this.
    Our system isn’t perfect by any means,but it seems to suck less than the others.
    Do you get your talking points from retards like Ed Schultz or miserable snakes like Larry O’Donnell?


      1. First of all Nancy-LOL-I don’t much care what Sarah Palin thinks,and secondly,I’d never make light of someone who is actually retarded due to a medical condition.
        Ed Schultz and other presumably normally intelligent people earn the sobriquet for acting like they flushed their brains down the toilet.
        And for assuming the same about their watchers/listeners.
        I also considered Christina O’Donnell and Sarron Agle to be “retards”.
        Where I grew up it was like “fag”.”Fag” had no sexual innuendo-it meant you were a woose.

  3. For the record, I think you would be more likely to defend someone who is being bullied than to dump on them.
    From here on the ground, there are a lot of young people with developmental and psych disabilities who are being cut from state aid as they enter adulthood. Action on their behalf by politicians speaks louder than words.

    1. I have never considered it legitimate to save money on the backs of developmentally disabled individuals-my tax money is well-spent on them,and actually many of them could teach “smarter”people something about work ethic.
      I’d really like to start the savings by giving the State House an enema and ferreting out the hordes of parasites hiding in corners pulling down big salaries for useless jobs.Getting say….$88,000 a year?
      Actually I dobn’t want to see any cuts to pre-natal and child health care.
      While I believe life starts in the womb,I don’t think it ends at birth.

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