As if the Russians

Thinking about the latest politician, of many, to get into trouble for publishing on the internet.

I first began to use email in the 1990’s when a family member went to live in Russia. I assumed that anything I sent could be read by anyone in Russia who cared, and worked to develop an online style that would not give offense to the host country, or anyone else for that matter.

I’ve stuck with that, it’s served me well. I may be annoying, but I try hard to avoid libel, slander and profanity (which is a lazy kind of insult unless you take it to an art like Jesus’ General.)

Young people, don’t put anything online that your Mom can’t read, she’s probably spying on you. Old people, write as if the Russians are reading your mail. It will improve your style greatly.

5 thoughts on “As if the Russians

  1. Nancy-you make an interesting point,but it brings to mind something that has nothing to do with email.
    Some time ago,Harry Staley of RISC was testifying before the House Labor Committee on eVerify.
    The Chairwoman,Rep.Anastasia Williams,told him he couldn’t refer to “illegal immigrants”,but had to use the term “undocumented persons”.
    To begin with,there is no mention of “undocumented persons”in immigration law,and “illegal immigrant”is a false term because “immigrants”are by definition legal permanent residents.
    “Illegal alien”,or”alien illegally in the United States”is most accurate if one consults Title 8 of the US Code.
    Now,why did Williams say what she did?Because she found the term “illegal immigrant”personally offensive.She has no right whatsoever to limit speech based on her level of being offended.
    I guess she can ban obscenities or threats because no right is absolute,but to restrict political speech in a governmental forum such as a hearing is a clear 1st Amendment violation.
    A private entity like Kmareka isn’t subject to Constitutional amendmants.
    The government is the only entity limited by the Constitution.
    I’d like your honest opinion on her action.This isn’t about whether you feel sorry for certain people or not-it’s about an erosion of rights.
    BTW I’ve heard Harry testify a number of times and he’s not out to offend anyone.He isn’t Chris Young for sure.The Chris and Kara Show was on the other night in Senate Judiciary.

  2. Words are important. The context of language changes with circumstances. There are many archaic expressions that carry so much baggage they can’t be used today without implying a bias one way or another.
    If I knew that an acquaintance was born to an unmarried mother I might be literally right to call them a ‘bastard’, but it would be unwise.
    Do we want to lose the ‘personhood’ in our focus on the ‘alien’?
    We need a sane and fair immigration policy, but if we lose sight of human rights we will betray the best ideals of our own country.

    1. Sorry-your answer is emotion-laden and illogical.We cannot tailor everything we say to satisfy someone who might feel aggrieved.
      “Basrard”has always had a pejorative association-“alien”is a desriptive term not denoting anything negative or positive-are you for one world with no borders?That is the thinking of idealists who don’t care about is really happening or who are afraid to understand that the world is a very hostile environment and we have to exercise some semblance of control over who comes here and who can stay.
      I’m sure you believe in the theory of free speech,but maybe not so much.
      How would you like it if the shoe were on the other foot?
      Why are illegal aliens so deserving of your compassion?If they’re adults,they know they’re breaking one or more laws.Do you believe in personal responsibility?
      In any event,no political hack has the right to limit speech in a hearing which is not threatening,abusive,obscene,or not on topic.
      Period.I will definitely take this to court if I ever run into this attitude when I’m testifying again.i’m surprised Harry Staley didn’t-but I don’t tell others what they have t do.
      BTW I suggest you peruse Title 8(“Aliens and Nationality”)of the US Code.
      Does a state rep like Williams have the right to bowdlerize language in law passed by Congress,signed by the president,and upheld numerous times by the Supreme Court?
      Stae politicians tried to negate Federal law during the Civil Rights Era.
      Were you okay with that?
      Political correctness is a cancer on society and should be swept away.It is inimical to freedom.
      Williams’personal sense of offense means crap,as do mine and yours when it comes to public political discourse in a governmental venue.
      The Bill of Rights exists to limit government,not private entities.

      1. BTW what is unfair about our immigration policies?Every person charged in a deportation matter has access to due process.
        I’d suggest you compare our system to such places as Mexico,Israel,France,Germany,nad many other countries.I’m only speaking of democracies here-forget about dictatorships.
        What do you actually know about immigration laws?
        I don’t expect it would be much,insofar as even most attorneys not practicing immigration law know very much either.It’s an arcane area of law.
        I’ll defer to you on professional health care if you afford me the same courtesy on this subject.
        I don’t tell the electrician who comes to my house how to run a circuit.
        I had a great deal of both formal training and practical experience in immigration law and procedure.

  3. We’re in a depression and immigrants, legal or not, are being blamed for all our problems. I’m not jumping on that bandwagon.

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