John E. Shibilio

The Westerly Sun has an obituary for John E. Shibilio who passed away June 8.

There is no mention of the heroic ambulance transport from Wood River Junction to Rhode Island Hospital, and this may not even be the same John Shibilio. But Rhode Island is small, and I’ve been getting a lot of hits on the post that quotes Christopher Rowland’s Providence Journal article of 1990, ‘Chain Reaction’, so here’s the link.

I send my sympathies to Mr.Shibilio’s family, and if this is the same man, his courage in carrying out his mission is not forgotten.

One thought on “John E. Shibilio

  1. Yes it is the same man. He was my uncle. Yes he was a man with a heart of gold and a true treasure. He had a job to do that day and did it without thought of the consequences that surrounded him. Yes he did a heroic thing, but to me he was an everyday person who I thought the world of.

    Thank you for recognizing him. He is missed daily. Now along with his treasured wife, they now watch over us all and keep us from harm

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