Debt Limit

I listen to the radio while I’m driving from house to house, and I often hear callers compare the national debt to household debt. You don’t borrow more money when you already owe, you cut expenses.

Very common-sense for a household, but what would you say about a family that makes some of its children sleep in the garage and eat Spam while others live in a penthouse and go on European vacations? And the family cuts costs by taking away the Spam and feeding the garage kids cat food? And the roof is leaking but the family won’t fix it because they don’t want to borrow more money? Or stop buying cars for the penthouse kids?

What would you say? Call DCYF! That’s what you’d say!

Grow up, Congress. If we really are in a crisis it’s not fair to cut health, education and infrastructure to give more tax cuts to the rich. We’re being trickled on for sure, but it ain’t liquid gold.

8 thoughts on “Debt Limit

  1. DCYF is Rhode Island’s Child Welfare Department, charged with investing allegations of abuse and neglect….

    I know that many readers are from other states….

    I agree with Martha, above.

  2. Well said. This kabuki dance between the Harry Potter-like Obama and the Vodemort-like Boehner (with the Snape-like Canter in the background) would be almost laughable if the stakes were not so high.

    My agency works with economically disadvantaged people every day. Programs that were once available no longer exist due to budget cuts. The number of unemployed who were working just two years ago expands exponentially.

    This is a complex problem with mulitple variables in need of a pragmatic solution that is being argued through an ideological prism. To some, facts do not matter. To some, the disaster that will result from failing to resolve the debt limit issue is of no consequence. There are truly those who think it necessary to burn the proverbial village in order to save it.

    Linking comprehensive tax reform and budget reforms to this debt ceiling limit issue is absurd. I agree that reform is necessary but should not be held hostage to a political mosh pit with no other agenda than to position the parties for the 2012 elections.

    There is a real economic imbalance between the top earners and all the rest of us. That’s not a democratic fact or a republican fact but a fact. We are all one country and it’s time we behaved so, with each of us being part of the solution instead of exempting a select and powerful few from the solution.

    1. Going to Harry Potter now for metaphor?Wow.
      And it’s Cantor,not Canter.
      It’s funny how you leftists slander conservative Jews who won’t play down to stereotype(Schumer,Boxer,Weiner,Grayson,et al.)
      Same deal with conservative Black people like Alan West.

  3. Wow! He’s conservative? I didn’t know that. Seriously, I had no idea he was Jewish, but that wouldn’t have mattered anyway because it’s not his religous convictions but his political convictions that I commented on.

    Oh, and sorry for the typo. Cantor. Got it. I’ve noticed over the years that you never make a typo so I thank you for the correction.

    As for Alan West, good get. Dug that out of the swamps of Florida did you? Frankly, I enjoy Thomas Sowell although I don’t agree with him much. See I actually read some of the conservative stuff in an effort to broaden my view.

    Now, and last, the next time you accuse me or anyone of bigotry, you better bring more than a tortured reference so that you can validate your view of how the world works. You know absolutely nothing about me, my history, my views on gender, race, religion or anything else. The tragedy is that you won’t really come out to play on issues. You hide behind your cloak of anonymity and throw stones at people who are out there. And that’s ok if you stick to something factual – say a reference to the essential point made in the piece – as opposed to lumpng people into one group that you’ve managed to ascribe the basest of values and then make ad hominem attacks on their characters.

    Maybe you got away with that stuff in the past, but you’re not going to get away with it with me. Do it again and we’re going to have some real words.

    Oh. I’m a lefty, but know that I’m a whole different breed of cat.

    As for the Harry Potter references, I hadn’t seen the movie so I was probably trying to purge myself.

    But, just think – I could’ve called Cantor Voldemort!

  4. I am not anonymous at all-my name is Joe Bernstein-I always posted here under that name,but after a hiatus due to a disagreement with the blog owners I came back as Observer-Nancy frequently uses my name here so don’t give me that garbage about hiding behind anything.
    I try not to make misspellings of peoples’ names.Typos are typos.
    I stand by what I say-I’ve seen many people abused for not adhering to an “expected” point of view based on race or ethnicity-if you haven’t seen it you weren’t looking.
    And don’t threaten me-it’s been done by some real serious A-holes in my former occupation and I’m still here,pal.
    I actually despise anonymous commenters who’ve accused me of insane sh*t such as one “Rhody”or “Triplerichard” on other blogs.So I would never stoop to cowardly positions like that.And as for lumping people together and making base accusations about them,can you really say you’ve never done that here?
    I have-and I have had a basis for it-I’ve noticed that the left in RI forms coalitions like Ocean State Action and Jobs with Justice.And many leftists belong to a number of these groups at the same time.So why wouldn’t I ascribe a collective motive to them?

  5. Well, Joe, I didn’t know that your name is Joe. Nice to meet you. Perhaps we can now have a civilized conversation.

    Let’s be clear about something. You’re the one who cast anti-Semitic and racial aspersions toward me. And in my response, all I was doing, and the comment you took as a “threat,” was to put you on notice that if you throw elbows under the basket, you should be on the lookout for some coming back at you. But it seems that it’s ok for you to call names and assault a person’s character, expecting the targeted person to remain silent.

    For the record, just so we’re clear, I have never called you a name, raised questions about your character, or made any personal remark directed against you. I might have disagreed with you in the past (although my blogging time is limited), but only on an issue. Would that you afforded me the same courtesy.

    You said, “I stand by what I say-I’ve seen many people abused for not adhering to an “expected” point of view based on race or ethnicity-if you haven’t seen it you weren’t looking.” Golly, I’m not sure what this means in context to our discussion. I would just say that you’ve never seen me do such things and it was me that you were addressing. Sure I’ve seen the injustice of bigotry in many forms and both I and my associates work daily against such injustices. Pal.

    In your response, you state, “I have-and I have had a basis for it-I’ve noticed that the left in RI forms coalitions like Ocean State Action and Jobs with Justice. And many leftists belong to a number of these groups at the same time. So why wouldn’t I ascribe a collective motive to them?” [spacing corrected.] Ok, people associate. Fine. That right is in the First Amendment. Just like joining the Federalist Society w/b for attorneys, etc. There are homes for those on both sides of the political spectrum. Just so we’re clear, I belong to neither of the organizations, let alone multiples, that you mention or for that matter don’t mention. You might be shocked that I belong to my local Chamber of Commerce and interact with the Chamber and its employees/members on a weekly basis (when I’m working – on rehab now so the interaction has been less than I normally enjoy). I also enjoy my Paparazzi card. So I guess I am a joiner after all.

    Now, if I was snarky, I could assume that because of your long career in law enforcement you are a reactionary with a narrow and myopic view of life coupled with an overinflated sense of right and wrong. I know people who would assume that and I will view them as what you called those in your past – A-holes. Instead, I will just thank you for your service. Public service in all its varied forms is to be acknowledged and honored, so again I thank you for working to make our communities safer and better places to live.

    You know, Joe, the “conversations” that we have on sites as this one are between real individuals, not their groups or associations. These conversations are normally about a specific topic. I think it’s fair and indeed necessary to challenge the assumptions behind one or another’s positions on an issue. Tease out and debate each other’s facts supporting their respective positions. But I gotta tell ya Joe, when this gets to reckless lumping of one into a group in order to dismiss that person’s point of view, or when the banner of bigotry is knitted out of no cloth in order to marginalize a person’s legitimate point of view on a public issue or the performance of public officials, then you deny the humanity to others that you rightly demand for yourself.

    OK, I’m done with this. I just wanted to make my position clear. I think you owe me an apology but I’m not staying up nights waiting for it. I have other stuff to do than get sucked down the rabbit hole of who belongs to what affiliations and what motivation lies behind each comment. I’d rather slug it out fairly on the issues. I leave to others to blather on about associational issues.
    Oh, and I’m still here, too.

  6. Actually,I wasn’t calling you,specifically anti-Semitic.
    I said “you leftists”which takes in a lot of people.
    What I have noticed recently is that Cantor is being specifically targeted much more than Boehner by Reid and numerous other politicians,including Jews like Schumer.
    The point is that I myself have been castigated by other Jews because I don’t follow the approved path of liberalism mixed with hypocrisy.I basically have told them to —- off.
    I just noted that you were doing what a lot of other people are-it’s not really anti-Semitic or anti-Black,per se,but more an expectation of people acting a certain way based on ethnicity.OK?But things don’t work that way.
    Actually,I’ve found that the left usually presents a public face of unity.
    The right it seems,are more busy fighting among themselves than anything else.
    Two rightwingers,three points of view.
    I don’t belong to the Tea Party or the Republican party-I probably have voted for more Democrats than Republicans.At least in state elections except for Governor.
    My job in law enforcement probably made me less narrow minded and more susopicious of those in authority,particularly the judiciary/I’m not talking liberal/conservative,but more about how money talks in the justice system and elsewhere.
    I am sorry if you thought I was calling you a bigot-I have no reason to suspect you are.Anymore than I’m a racist for wanting immigration laws enforced to some reasonable degree.
    I am just tired of dealing with widely accepted stereotypes about Jews,even when promoted by other Jews.
    At my daughter’s wedding,a colleague of hers who was Hispanic(as is my daughter on my wife’s side)said to me that he had heard I served in Vietnam and was surprised because he thought Jews were smart enough to avoid service there.The only reason I didn’t deck him was because I sure didn’t want to mess up her night.I was one of three people I know of in my family who served there-there may have been others,but I really don’t have much contact with my extended family at all.
    That was just one example.So maybe I have an attitude about it.
    I’m definitely not the type to go whining-I’ve worked with out and out Jew haters and as long as they had my back on the street I was happy-I wasn’t looking to swap spit with them off duty.
    Here’s the ironic thingI believe the House Republican diehards are shooting themselves in the foot by being intransigent-we were a long time getting into this fix and it won’t be solved overnight or simplistically-the President is also acting unreasonably stubborn.I don’t want to imagine a debt default by the US.It could cause a worldwide depression.

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