Terrorizing Parents

I can only read the awful story about the murder of eight-year-old Leibby Kletzky with the most profound sympathy for his family and community.

We try so hard to protect our children without stifling their desire for independence– in fact they have to be allowed to go out into the world if they are to learn to live in the world.

I’m not surprised that the suspect came from the neighborhood. I have no idea how parents can guard against someone whose behavior is insane.

I wonder if Levi Aron was hiding in plain sight. There will be all kinds of attention paid to him, which likely is one motivation for psychopaths looking for fame. But we desperately want to know how to recognize and guard against any threat to our children, so he’ll get his fifteen minutes and more.

Terror is the only word for the effect of such a crime on all the good people trying to live in peace.

4 thoughts on “Terrorizing Parents

  1. Right about now,Aron sounds like he’s potentially a scizophrenic rather than a psycopath if he really was receiving command hallucinations.An exam may tell the truth.

  2. I can’t imagine how parents can protect against that kind of thing. We’ve seen the awful case of Jason Foreman here. It was the guy next door.
    A crime like this does enormous damage to a community, and scares the rest of us too.

    1. The NY Post has a story quoting another parent who thwarted an attempted abduction by this man last year-she did not report it to the NYPD.I know the area-it’s a very hermetic Jewish community hearkening back to old Eastern Europe.They don’t trust the police.

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