Men–CNN Will Scare Your Pants Off

Today’s health headline– Five Questions to Ask Before Having Penis Surgery.

An unfortunate man in Kentucky not only lost a part of himself, but also a lawsuit against the surgeon who did the cut. It sounds like the doctor had evidence that the man did really have cancer and that he followed the standard of care.

The CNN article kind of drivels about how women have all kinds of pink ribbon support, and men are on their own. Not too long ago, it was routine for a woman with a breast lump to go under anesthesia not knowing whether she would wake up with her breast amputated, or just an incision. Better treatment is the good news, high incidence of breast cancer is the bad news. I guess, all things being equal, it’s better not to have a rare disease, but the downside is that breast cancer is common and there are few women of any age who never worry about it.

It may be time for a men’s advocacy organization for better treatment of male problems. I’ve done nursing care for guys whose ‘routine’ surgery became a debilitating, miserable, long-term ordeal. CNN’s article contains a lot of good advice and is a good place to start if you want to know more about men’s health.


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