Hurricane Barrier Ready for Action

Sunset at the Hot Club

That awesome piece of landscape sculpture, the Providence Hurricane Barrier, is on standby according to the ProJo. GoLocalProvidence has a post by John Ghiorse on the history and function of the hurricane barrier. John himself is a Rhode Island historical treasure, The Ghiorse Factor will be off the scale this weekend.


4 thoughts on “Hurricane Barrier Ready for Action

  1. “D” cell batteries-hope you all have some.
    I’m also recharging my portable DVD player battery-we can watch “The Perfect Storm”if we lose power.(Just kidding).
    I remember Carol and Hazel way back when I was a little guy in NYC.I’ll still take a hurricane over the tornadoes we were always sweating in the Midwest.
    Frank Cascione made a boo-boo on air yesterday when he said a tornado raises the pressure outside so houses implode.
    Just theopposite-they lower the pressure to almost vacuum and the house explodes-opening the windows may provide some relief,but not enough to count on.

  2. That’s a good question. I was on some local site and commenters were ragging on Gov. Chafee for closing the hurricane barrier– saying he was favoring Providence over the southeast shores of Narragansett Bay.
    The hurricane barrier was built in the 1960’s, so that would have been one Chafee ago. Actually, I’m pretty sure the Gov. owns a house on the water in Warwick, so he’s probably feeling our pain.
    My best guess is that Narragansett Bay is pretty big, and while a few feet sloshing over into Downtown could be very costly in terms of flood damage, a high tide on Conimicut Point or Riverside might be inconvenient and damaging, it’s less drastic than rowboats in Kennedy Plaza.
    My best hope is that Rhode Islanders will stay safe and think of the common good before they drive the SUV out to Hazard Rock for some awesome video. Also that we will help our neighbors clear away the leaves and branches. And that the good will of everyone in the path of the storm, and a little luck, will get us through this.

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