While it Lasts

It’s 10:10am, I’m cooking what was in the fridge. Everything still works, just a couple of tiny flickers in the lights. I’ve still got hot water and the basement was pretty dry last time I looked.

There’s a big branch down in my back yard but nothing was there to hit. In my neighbor’s parking lot the cars are huddled as far from the big tree as they can get. They look so pitiful and scared. My cat is oblivious to it all. ‘Brain the size of a walnut’, as my husband says. He was not kept late at work today, but will be braving the storm tonight because hospitals do not close, ever.

Home care is a different deal, we’re staying off the roads as much as possible.


It’s an ill wind blows nobody good.


2 thoughts on “While it Lasts

  1. Lots of branches down in my yard-none of them hit my garage(which has never held a car in 27 years due to a long bumpy driveway)so it will just be a disposal problem-not much basement water-good thing-the double pump system my son and I rigged up is great as long as you have power :))-open windows usually dire it up fast-it looks like no fatalities or serious injuries in RI so far-that’s good.
    Boy,the new car taxes are extortionate-for that they ought to at least pick up branches we leave curbside,ya think?
    It seems Taveras is certainly more involved hands on than that little twit Cicilline would’ve ever been.

  2. The city WILL pick up all plant origin waste at the curb untied and uncut-it may take a few days,but +1 to the Mayor for having a guideline in place so fast.
    The last thing anyone needs in a situation like this is bureaucratic BS footdragging.
    Someone needs to take a hard look at 911 capabilities in the event of another massive power outage.Life and death stuff.

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