Two Hours of My Life I’ll Never See Again

Susan B. Anthony Got This Dress on Sale

‘Beware of any enterprise that requires new clothes’ said Thoreau. Warily, I venture out to buy a shirt. I’m embarking on an enterprise and want to make a good impression. All my clothes are garish, vintage or beat up, and I’m not real happy about my waistline. A new shirt will look crisp and corporate, I hope.

I must truly be getting old, when the distance between Nordstrom’s and Macy’s looks like a hike. This is part of my waistline problem, but that’s for another day. A grey shirt, I think, would be nice. I hate Providence Place Mall, but surely among the ten thousand shirts hanging there I will find one I can love.

Two hours later I have seen them all and I don’t like them.

I must really be a curmudgeon. No new clothes after all, so I’ll just have to put on an attitude.


8 thoughts on “Two Hours of My Life I’ll Never See Again

  1. I had a similar problem looking for yoga pants about two years ago at the PPM. I find the only shopping I want to deal with anymore is at Marshalls.

    1. yeah, I would have made out better there. I’ll tell you one thing, before I pay $75 for ballet shoes I’ll order the real deal online. we used to wear them when I was in high school, and they were cute and cheap.

  2. And you have plenty to spare!! Attitude that is:) Anew shirt might make you feel better or a bit more confident maybe but consider; since the person you are meeting has never seen you before how will they know whether it’s a new shirt or not? I give this advice but rarely take it myself. Just be yourself and they will LOVE you. Anyone can buy a new shirt if they’ve the money to spare but not everyone has your special skill set.

    1. Thanks for the pep talk. I hope they like my skill set. The weird thing is I saw pants hanging on the racks just like the ones I got at Savers, so maybe I can pass off casually worn as new stuff that has the pre-worn look we pay extra for or maybe I’m overthinking this and should get back to reviewing the job description or washing my car.

  3. Providence Place Mall-yeccch!!
    Why pay for parking just so you can overpay for merchandise?
    Like why shop at Eastside Market when you can go to Price Rite?
    My wife really likes TJ Maxx.
    She’s 4’9″ so she can get away with buying kids’ sizes.

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