Roger Williams Park Museum

There is a show a the Roger Williams Park Museum called ‘Curiosities’. Specimens from the natural history collection are arranged in installations by local artists– rabbit in a cabinet, owls behind lenses, walls of transparent bricks sheltering birds.

The museum itself is a work of public art on a scale that we don’t aspire to anymore, but can still enjoy for free– long may it wave.


One thought on “HOPE

  1. Museums are a category of national treasure and repositories of knowledge in a real and tangible form to be seen and used. Museums also educate and entertain, although the balance between storing, educating and entertaining is always changing depending on the views of museum administrators and boards. There are more than 2000 museums of all kinds in the United States. Unfortunately, very few are economically viable over the next 20 years; strong competition from other sectors, mainly popular entertainment, and a decline in giving by the affluent, has led to a decline in attendance at all but a few museums, most very heavily endowed. The future of museums an what they provide is badly in need of review.

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