Class Warfare

The poor lost.

I have five minutes before I have to get to work. Thinking about how the NYT gave Katie Roiphe space to conflate Herman Cain’s sexual harassment trouble with harmless flirtation– and why can’t those office drones take a compliment?

I’ve also seen interviews with some of Cain’s past executives and business associates, and he seems to have been seen favorably by his peers.

But missing from the story are the invisible people– the low-wage workers who made the pizzas at Godfathers. Cain opposed the minimum wage and put a lot of them out of their jobs in cost-cutting. This may be good business, but politics is different. You can’t fire Alabama and give Utah a raise.

Will anyone bother to ask the workers what things were like when Herman Cain was boss?


6 thoughts on “Class Warfare

  1. Why are you concerning yourself with a candidate who can’t win the nomination because
    (a)he has no sufficient “boots on the ground”organization
    (b)he has(as you of all people know)serious and likely to recur medical problems that are life threatening-remember Paul Tsongas-he had a long remission and then died from lymphoma(it would’ve been his second year in office)
    (c)Cain has about zero support from the power brokers of the GOP
    Anyhow,neither he nor Bachmann,nor Santorum,nor Huntsman are realistic possibilities for the top spot.

    1. I had no idea Herman Cain has a medical problem. Actually I wrote nothing about him until Katie Roiphe came to his defense.
      John Huntsman is way smarter and more decent than the rest of them.

      1. I kinda agree with you on Hunstman,but he probably isn’t what the movers and shakers are looking or.
        Don’t believe “klaus”and delude yourself that I’m some mind-numbed dittohead robot who awaits the “word’from Limbaugh or some such windbag.
        You needn’t like my opinions,but I arrive at them on my own.
        I thought Mitch Daniels sounded okay also,but he’s not running.
        Hey-I might vote for Leon Panetta if he’d run-he has his act together on international issues and he’s not that far left on national issues that I couldn’t see him as President.
        BTW do you think Kagan will recuse herself on the health care case?She almost has to given her involvement with getting it through.

  2. Herman Cain had stage 4 liver cancer and has been in remission since treatment and a transplant for 6 years,I believe.
    The prognosis with that kind of cander is not good,in spite of a lengthy remission-I had a cancer reappear after a 10 year remission.
    Anyway,as i pointed out,he has other problems with his candidacy.
    I sure hope Gingrich doesn’t get the nomination.
    He had his chance and turned out to be a real scumbag.
    Sen.Tom Coburn,a real conservative from Oklahoma,has publicly stated he would neevr vote for Gingrich due to the total lack of morality he exhibits.he’s in the same class with John Edwards.

  3. I did not know about the transplant, but indeed, the prognosis long term (next 3 years) is I suspect very gloomy. Cain is an intelligent and interesting man, Excellent at business, limited in experience in issues.

    Unfortunately, the Newt is the best educated and informed of the group, and certainly the best debater. I suspect the likely ticket will be Romney and the Governor of Louisiana, Jindal, or the young Cuban-American Senator from Florida. Newt may well end up Secretary of State if the Republicans win.

    1. Jindal is smart,but a poor communicator.
      Rubio is a sharp guy and seems to be able to think on his feet.
      They had a Republican Hispanic woman on Al Sharpton’s show and she ranted how Rubio didn’t represent Hisapnics very well because he’s a Cuban(descent) and most US Hispanics are Mexican(descent)-what a stupid remark-she was on the right show for stupid remarks-every so often I tune in the processed hair racist bigot from NYC just to remind myself what the left in this country is really about.
      Hispanics are hardly a unified group-they represent a variety of cultures,races(Hispanic is NOT a race),and ethnicities.
      They don’t always use the same words for identical things depending where they’re from.The same word can have different meanings in different places.Just like-the US!!

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