Newt Would Understand

When I see a story like this I always say a little prayer, ‘Please God, let it not be a Democrat.’ More often than not, my prayers are answered.

An anti-gay, religious conservative Republican politician who ran for Governor of Alabama on a morality platform has expressed family values in a new and unexpected way. Pam, at
Pam’s House Blend
put the link on Facebook. Pam has been accused of trying to re-invent marriage because she and her wife want legal equality even though they are interracial in the South. And they’re a same-sex couple.

But Bill Johnson’s approach to fatherhood, arguably, is far less traditional than two ladies setting up housekeeping. He seems to think he was working on a nice surprise for his wife, but she is not taking it well. I would not blame her if she takes it to a lawyer’s office, but that’s her decision.

Dear friends, take this as a reminder that when someone uses vague phrases like ‘family values’, you cannot take that to the bank, because it’s totally open to interpretation what those values are.

Bill Johnson doesn’t meet Kmareka’s standards of deportment, so I’ll post the link, straight outta Alabama, here.

I heard that Newt Gingrich is promising not to commit any more adultery. That’s nice. He would have broken promises to two women who married him, but those marriages were annulled so it doesn’t count.

Expecting politicians to have integrity in all areas of life is like trusting a dog to guard your lunch. I long ago learned to settle for ‘good enough’. But when a politician attacks his or her opponents on moral grounds, and then flamboyantly breaks rules and hearts as well– it’s just too hard to resist a few snarky words. Sorry.


4 thoughts on “Newt Would Understand

  1. “Let it not be a Democrat”-how parochial and narrow a view.
    I don’t care who they are,when a politician gets caught dirty,good-I liked Randy Cunningham,but when he proved to be corrupt in public office(much worse than adultery)he deserved to go to prison which he did.
    You still feel bad for Anthony Weiner?(Actually,I have no idea if you ever did,but he sure was a Democrat).
    Politicians are given public trust and when they betray it,well **** them.

    1. It’s just that the Democrats have not taken ‘family values’ as their national agenda, have, too gradually, supported the rights of gay soldiers to serve openly, have fewer commercials that imply that God is volunteering on their campaign. And since Bill Johnson ran as a Christian Conservative it’s really outrageous that he invented a brand new way to cheat on his wife.

      1. “Family values”is overused,kinda like “gravitas” was in 2000.
        You and I couldn’t be more different politically but we probably are on the same page regarding real family values.

  2. BTW Newt sucks.I hope Republicans aren’t so shortsighted as to nominate him-independents will vote for Romney,but not Gingrich.

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