Story Behind the Story

I’m linking to Xavier Onassis, EMT because once again we see in the news that a fire department stood by while a house burned.

This is the second incident of this kind from Obion County, Tennessee.

When I blogged about this the first time, Xavier responded with a passionate and informed comment in defense of the firefighters, who have seen their resources stretched to the breaking point. As so often is the case, this may be good workers and citizens caught in a failing system.

He challenges Progresives…

A very popular position among progressives:

The firefighters who responded and did not control the fire are immoral cowards, motivated by Tea Party or Libertarian ideology;
they are so petty that they think it serves that woman right to lose her home because she did not pay $75;
they are too stupid and incapable of independent decision making to know when to break the rules.

From this position, the guilty parties are the first responders on scene and the mayor of South Fulton, Tennessee. Blame is placed at the very bottom of the chain of command, for not refusing to follow departmental guidelines when someone is in need. Support for these firefighters is viewed as immoral under this breakdown.

The rest of his post outlines the damage, starting with Reaganomics, to the essential foundations of a working community. Go visit Medic 343 for another view than what you will see in the headlines.

And thanks to friend, Sekanblogger, at Kansas Mediocrity, for help finding the link.


2 thoughts on “Story Behind the Story

  1. Thanks Ninjanurse

    I hope I didn’t give offense before, I know that people were not given the real story. It’s so frustrating — the discourse is so skewed that even the educated people with good moral compasses, like yourself, do their best to be informed and still walk away totally misled. Factor in the uneducated, apathetic, and mean-spirited people, and it doesn’t bode well for our community.

    Please believe me when I tell you the exclusion of first responders from the national discourse is a much bigger problem than people realize. They don’t let us tell you what we know, because if we did, together we would carry the day.

    I told you before that I would explain why what seems logical and obvious to civilians is completely wrong from our perspective. I didn’t do that, though, because the whole thing was so upsetting I couldn’t deal with it. I will analyze the coverage from The Young Turks (who are the worst progressive independent media failures from a first responder’s perspective) and link you to that, so people can really understand what happened.

    Again, I apologize if it seemed like I was angry with you rather than with the situation. It’s not people’s faults that they’ve been kept in the dark. The Young Turks, however, are definitely at fault. They’ve been advised, have read my feedback, and still choose to promote the problem rather than the solution.

    Thanks for listening and for your good work with Occupying.

  2. I’m not sure where or how Xavier and I crossed paths. I’m always days behind on reading and commenting and I’m not to good at remembering where I found any of my blogging friends.
    I have cut way down on subscriptions, but I keep up with Xavier, and obviously Kmareka.

    Blogging about meaningful current events and issues, both of your blogs serve an important purpose. Thanks to both of you. This stuff doesn’t write itself!

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