Making Trouble Elsewhere

I am not well read on Christopher Hitchens, and I find his support of the Iraq War inexplicable, but on the other hand he had the nerve to take on Mother Theresa.

Are they sipping tea together somewhere on the edge of eternity, or is there a space large enough in collective memory that spirits can rest, or unrest?

He suffered a terrible final illness with grace and without self-pity. Not so unusual, but a fine example to leave us. He was a passionate and compulsive writer– of his many vices, most of all addicted to the word.

Here’s a link to my minister
, who posted one of Christopher Hitchens’ bravest moments, on the waterboard.

BBC has a nice eulogy.

Nomi posted a nice link to one of Christopher Hitchens’ best sayings, on the difference between dogs and cats.


4 thoughts on “Making Trouble Elsewhere

  1. Hitchens’ posture vis a vis the Iraq War actually is quite complex. He was an ardent supporter of the Kurds and supported their efforts to free themselves when most in the West were prepared, as they still are, to allow them to languish under the dominance of one group or other, in Iraq or Iran or Turkey. He early realized that the murderousness of either Hussein or the Iranian fanatics had an edge that threatened at its core, freedom anywhere and could not and should not be tolerated. He spoke up for Rushdie and the cartoonists after the death sentences had been uttered, and wondered aloud why more people did not. A desire for freedom and openness of thought can never tolerate threats from fanatics. Hitchens was an iconoclast of the classic mold and gifted with wit and intellect.

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