Today, Sunday 29 January, volunteers are needed at Burnside Park to pack up the tents and leave the space clean.

If you have a truck, even better.

Parking is awful. Bring your love energy. Providence has created the best Occupation nationwide– let’s show the world that we are ready for the next step– taking the General Assembly statewide, to hear the voice of the 99% in Olneyville, Central Falls, Woonsocket and all our cities and towns.

UPDATE: I went by about 7pm. Cleanup is still in progress, neat open space between tents being taken down. Lots of stuff still to move. I’m taking a load to Johnston Landfill tomorrow in my tiny car. If you are inclined to lend a hand, there’s still time.

UPDATE II: As of 8:30, looking good. One truck on site, tents mostly packed, some still there. I don’t know if Occupy will be able to complete the move by dawn, but much neater, more organized than even a couple of hours ago.

2 thoughts on “URGENT, URGENT, URGENT!

  1. I’m glad they helpre estblish a day center for the homeless, but I’m also glad Burnside Park is to be vacated – the issue shifted from economic inequality to the encampments themsleves and I think that was getting in the way of the message. And I agree all Rhode Islanders should b proud of the way it has been handed by everyone involved.

    1. I’m proud too, of my city and of the citizens who Occupied. I hope the people who committed to assembling in Burnside Park will continue to come together to bring issues of economic injustice to the front of the agenda.

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