Occupy Phase II

Thanks, Occupy

I stopped by Burnside Park yesterday with some coffee and took away some Occu-debris. Then I went to First UU, like Paul Revere (sort of). Get on downtown and join the cleanup!

Amazing what they did, working till 1:30am. The tents are down, materials in neat stacks. The ground is raked, the fountain clean.

All of us who support the call of economic justice for the 99% have our work cut out for us. Emmanuel House can use our support. General Assembly will continue to meet twice a week. The City of Providence has declared a ten-year plan to house all its residents and end homelessness. This can happen if we keep on track.

Follow Occupy Providence on Facebook for locations of GA.

Richard Salit from the Providence Journal covers the park cleanup and departure, not online yet- but on the front page of the print edition today.

Thank you to everyone who braved the cold and the uncertainty. You are an inspiration. The work is just beginning.

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