Where are the Men?

To hear some of the conservatives in the birth control controversy, you would think that women are running around committing parthenogenesis, or else having irresponsible sex– proving they are too irresponsible to risk random, unwanted pregnancies like decent women would. Is this just a female trouble?

Gary Norton on Daily Kos has a short post pointing out the obvious–

It isn’t just women, men care about contraception also.

So when these Republicans who seem to be prisoners of some Eighteenth Century time warp try to deny access to contraceptives or just make it more difficult for women to get contraceptives, they aren’t just stepping on women, they are also attacking men. I resent it. I not only resent the attack on my wife, I resent the attack on me and my ability to have the family that I choose.

There are plenty of men who love women, who care for their families. I wish more of them would speak out like Gary Norton did. When Rush Limbaugh calls a female student a ‘slut’, and presidential candidate Rick Santorum calls that entertainment, someone needs to take the microphone away from the bullies.


5 thoughts on “Where are the Men?

  1. Although some of my RW ‘friends’ would probably disagree, I’m a man.

    What this contraceptive debate has done is lifted the veil a bit. The whole anti-abortion stance has always been a bit disingenuous.

    What matters to a lot of RW types isn’t the viability of the fetus at 6 weeks; what matters is who gets to control a woman’s sexuality. The woman? Heaven forbid !! (and I mean that literally.)

    No, a woman’s body is the property of the male, to whom she should submit. The level of biblical absolutism in the RW world view is staggering. But if you apply the principles, the behavior makes sense.

    The Rick Santorums of the world believe that a woman having non-procreational sex should be ‘punished’ by getting pregnant. If this happens out of wedlock, then you have proof positive that she’s a harlot. If she’s married, then she should provide children for her husband.

    A lot of this is real Old Testament stuff, but that’s the mindset, IMHO.

    Not sure where I heard this, but someone said that Rick Santorum was actually running for president of Iran.

    1. Lack of birth control is bad for men, too. In my parent’s generation some men worked themselves to death trying to provide for their children, when they and their wives would have been happy with a smaller family given the choice.
      It’s a weird thing, because we’re all here and grateful for it, but it’s a step forward to have the power to limit conception and plan how many children to have. If our kids were struggling, overwhelmed and exhausted trying to care for too many children would we have done right by them?

  2. I would add – where are the adults in the Republican Party to demand an end to this nonsense, especially in Rhode Island?? It was not that long ago RI Republicans were the party of good government (in reponse to excess of one-party rule) civil discourse, were conservation-minded, proponents of merit in public service, and willing to give women and minorites a chance when the Democratic establishment was mostly closed to them. Not only has all these GOP positions been reversed, I’m not aware that any of the remaining moderates (e.g.Scott Avedesian) have spoken out against any of the name-calling and other forms of right-wing zealotry.

    1. barry-name calling is hardly the exclusive province of Republicans or conservatives-the constant sickening drumbeat of “racist”that gets thrown into any discussion of immigration issues by the left is a prime example.It’s a great way to end any serious conversation.

  3. I can’t believe contraception is still a public policy issue.
    I didn’t quite get the thing going on between Limbaugh and the woman who testified because unlike you liberals,I haven’t listeened to him since Clintqn was elected.
    The woman is a student at Georgetown Law-that’s an expensive school-she can pay for her own contraceptives I would think.
    If someone is too poor,that’s different.
    I’m against abortion except to protect the mother’s life.
    Birth control is a good way to avoid abortion.
    I think Santorum is off the deep end on sex and Limbaugh probably can’t get it up with all the opiates he takes.
    Why is this subject intruding into a presidential campaign?
    I do think Obama went looking for a fight with the Catholic church and he got it.
    I have LOTS of better reasons to vote against him.

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