Adding to the to-do list: learn how to make fermented vegetables.

two sisters gluten free

“Scientists and doctors today are mystified by the proliferation of new viruses–not only the deadly AIDS virus but the whole gamut of human viruses that seem to be associated with everything from chronic fatigue to cancer and arthritis. They are equally mystified by recent increases in the incidence of intestinal parasites and pathogenic yeasts, even among those whose sanitary practices are faultless. Could it be that in abandoning the ancient practice of lacto-fermentation and in our insistence on a diet in which everything has been pasteurized, we have compromised the health of our intestinal flora and made ourselves vulnerable to legions of pathogenic microorganisms? If so, the cure for these diseases will be found not in vaccinations, drugs or antibiotics but in a restored partnership with the many varieties of lactobacilli, our symbionts of the microscopic world.” – Sally Fallon

Not so long ago, fermented foods were quite prevalent…

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  1. The world is smaller than when we were growing up.
    Food products are coming in with scant if any inspection thanks to NAFTA and other free trade initiatives.
    We are also seeing,over the last 20 some odd years,an increase in diseases once thought to be eradicated in the US.
    People coming in without inspection accounts for a substantial amount of this.
    A kumbaya attitude doesn’t cut it when your kid gets whooping cough.
    How about Chagas’ disease or dengue fever?Or good old tuberculosis re-packaged in a drug resistant form?
    Open borders can lead to open sores.

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