They’re So Beautiful

The wind turbines seem to be offline, but the blades were rotating gently in the morning breeze. The light reflecting and changing on the bright white surfaces was fascinating, and the clean, aerodynamic look– contrasting with the rusty rail cars and low buildings.

In between taking care of two generations of family, I had time just before sunrise, and then around noon. I took those few minutes to get pix of the windmills, from as many angles as possible.

The view of the windmills at the tops of the little streets off Allens Ave is amazing, but I was unable to get the right perspective– and also people were looking at me like I might be up to something. I decided to go back another time, and maybe capture that picture with a paintbrush– which is often more true than a camera.

2 thoughts on “They’re So Beautiful

  1. ninjanurse on March 12, 2012,

    Some claim that wind farms are just noise. What do you think?
    Turbine blade noise is annoying me?
    The sound noise coming from 5 miles away?

    Please visit the following links:


    1. thanks for visiting our blog. The turbines in the picture have not started yet. They are located on a busy industrial waterfront, but near densely populated neighborhoods. I’ll look at our local news to see if there is any noise problem once they start. There’s a turbine on the campus of a technical school, also on a busy road– I haven’t heard anything about noise. Wind farms in a rural area would be a different situation.
      I am hopeful that wind power is one answer. Less waste is another. In the neighborhood pictured truck exhaust and traffic noise are constant, trolley tracks were torn up generations ago and public transit is underfunded.

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