Rush to the Lifeboats

Ipsos at Daily Kos has an analysis of how the money flows in talk radio. Ipsos argues that the best way to exercise your free, unsponsored speech is with your local station.

As I’ve been telling you (here, for instance, a week ago), Rush makes money for Premiere Radio Networks (aka Clear Channel, half-owned by Bain Capital) in two ways. Premiere sells four minutes of national ads during each hour of Rush’s show, 12 minutes a day in all, to national advertisers, and it charges radio stations to carry the show, giving them 10 minutes of ad time in each hour to sell to local advertisers.

To make Rush’s huge salary (probably not the $56 million a year Forbes claims, but surely in the tens of millions of dollars) pay, Premiere has to charge premium prices for those 12 minutes a day in the show.

If those minutes aren’t filled, or if they’re filled with advertisers getting the show at a discount, Premiere loses money on the deal.

For Premiere to essentially give up 120 minutes of Rush ad time (12 minutes a day over the next two weeks) in hopes that this will all blow over suggests that they’re more worried than they’ve let on until now. They were almost sure that this would blow over by now, and it just keeps going. That’s bad news.

Remember what that judge said about pornography, ‘I can’t define it but I know it when I see it.’ Opinion is one thing, verbal targeting and incitement is another. Anyone who thinks that branding a private citizen a ‘slut’ for attempting to testify in Congress is not declaring open season never went to junior high.

Rush Limbaugh is very good at what he does, a great deal of his communication is by context and tone. I still remember during Sen. John Kerry’s presidential race, the way Limbaugh would say the words, ‘Jewish grandfather’, as if this was a terrible, concealed shame, just found out and gleefully exposed.

It’s not censorship to take the microphone back from one voice that is distributed by a media monopoly. It’s a time to question the manipulation of the law that allowed a few big players to stifle local programming. Let’s start now.

3 thoughts on “Rush to the Lifeboats

  1. Maybe Sen.Kerry ought to answer for basically concealing having a Jewish grandfather-you’d be amazed at how some people consider having a Jew in the woodpile might somehow diminish their standing with those they are trying to impress.
    I can think of two immediately-Walter Moseley,the crime author,and Lani Guinier,Clinton’s failed appointment to some position(AG?).
    Both identify as Black,but both have a Jewish parent-Moseley practically had apoplexy when this came up in an interview-it might have been on CSpan.
    Guinier was known to my mom through her job in the NY City education system-my mom even remembered her by her maiden name.
    I find this kind of behavior nauseating-Victor Krulak,who became Commandant of the Marine Corps(so did his son)turns out to have had two Jewish parents,but stated he was Episcopalian when he went to the Naval Academy because he thought being tagged as a Jew would hold him back.Contrast that with Major General Melvin Krulewitch who served during the same period and never tried to downplay his background-it sure didn’t hold him back,I have a personal interest in this behavior as two of my three grandaughters are Black(among other things,but I’m going by appearance if someone were asked to describe them)and have distinctly Jewish surnames-I hope they never feel like they have to be ashamed of any part of their heritage.Going by the oldest one’s attitude,I doubt that will be a problem.
    Denying your history to please someone else really sucks out loud.
    I don’t know what Limbaugh’s motive was-I’d guess he was trying to out Kerry as a phony-that’s not hard if you want to be honest about it.As far as I know,Limbaugh is no Pat Buchanan and has never been accused of being a Jew hater.
    FWIW my “middle”grandaughter has an Irish surname and “looks” the part,but she also has Honduran,Puerto Rican and Jewish background.
    I know I’m off on a tangent,but Kerry pisses me off to no end on any number of issues.

    1. Apparently John Kerry himself didn’t know. His great-grandfather converted to Catholicism to escape the European antisemitism in his society in the late 1800’s. So I don’t think you can pile ‘denying his history’ on to his list of crimes, or assume he felt, or should feel, shame.
      I think I know what Limbaugh’s motive was– throw any available ammunition, because for some people ‘Jewish’ is a four letter word.
      Even today, ‘Stormfront’ comes up on google when you look this up.

  2. “Jewish”will always be a four letter word for some people-I don’t really care-it goes with the territory.I have no interest in forcing people who are gonna hate me on general principle to change their minds.I do have an interest in not being threatened or attacked by them and I have the means and experience to take care of myself and my family-Stormfront is a known quantity,but a lot of anti semitism comes from the left and don’t insult me with trying to whitewash left wing Jew hatred as “anti-Zionism”-it won’t pass the smell test.The fact that some idiot left wing Jews are so eager for acceptance by the groups they choose to associate with that they go along with this is just pitiful.They make excuses for this crap.
    I just have not ever heard of Limbaugh using anti semitism as a talking point-Ron Paul has flirted with it and Buchanan made it a tenet of his campaigns.He suggested that Jews won’t serve in the armed forces-three of us in my family served in Vietnam,a large number in WW2,and we even had one in WW1.After that,I never listened to anything Buchanan had to say even when he was right.

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