War on Women Comes to Rhode Island

ImageThe War on Women is taking a new turn in Rhode Island.  John McDaid of Hard Deadlines reports that Rep. Karen MacBeth is sponsoring a bill that would make fetal ultrasound mandatory before an abortion.  You can email Rep. MacBeth at macbethkaren@aol.com to express your opinion of her legislation.

8 thoughts on “War on Women Comes to Rhode Island

  1. I love your selective outrage.You consider this some sort of infringement of rights,but I bet you support the ridiculous 7 day waiting period to pick up a firearm you purchased even if you have a carry permit or already own other firearms.I mean,if you already own some and want to do something bad,you already have the means-however,the social engineering types think this is appropriate.
    Ultrasound is non-invasive and safe-is it so terrible that it might make someone re-think a decision like abortion?Abortion for convenience isn’t right.It should be reserved for situations where the pregnant woman is put in danger by the pregnancy.
    Somehow,I bet that while you seem to be very supportive of abortion,you probably are horrified at the death penalty being carried out on someone who has demonstrated a total disregard for the lives of others.
    And I do believe in taking care of children when their parents can’t-at taxpayer expense-we could do with less foreign aid to enable this..I don’t stop caring for the rights of the unborn when they make that transit out the birth canal.

    1. The word, ‘convenience’ here is dishonest. Losing your car keys is an inconvenience. An unwanted pregnancy is a crisis.
      I think there is a generally held view that abortion is not a decision to take lightly, and yet there is a mistrust that women generally are capable of making such a serious decision. I think it’s easy from a secure position of knowing your medical privacy will always be respected to judge what is invasive or safe for others.
      I do appreciate your statement that you care about the born, and we all have a chance to put our money where our mouth is when politicians try to sell us a tax cut at the expense of women and children.

      1. My medical privacy?I was in the military for 4 1/2 years on active duty and had exactly NO medical privacy during that period.
        To be honest I didn’t care except when I got yelled at by a doctor in front of the dispensary staff for having an STD,which,upon further testing turned out to be not an STD,but an ordinary UTI.
        I don’t get the “tax cut at expense of women”thing.Children,yes,shouldn’t be shortchanged,but what women exactly?There are such things as single fathers you know.
        The woman doesn’t “own”the fetus-as a nurse you must know the fetus is a living person separate from the mother insofar as it may not share the gender or even blood type with the mother.
        Maybe the dishonesty in this conversation is your refusal to recognize this,but I’d sooner call you mistaken than dishonest.ut I’d prefer

      2. I haven’t had a tax cut ,have you?I sure don’t make six figures(that’s my wife and I combined)and we seem to pay more each year.
        Maybe this scumbag governor you seem to give a pass to can pay back the taxes he cheated on to Providence-that would be a start-he of the $47 million net worth.
        It’s really amazing-the utter gall of this puke to register 11 vehicles in Exeter;claim a homestead exemption in Providence;and vote in Warwick-all at the same time.
        Have you ever tried something like that?I’ll bet not-I sure couldn’t -I don’t own 21 properties.

  2. This has nothing to do with the death penalty (I support in a few narrow cases) or gun rights (the 2nd amendment is important too.) But as usual the supporters of “small government” are not to be seen when the religous zealots want to harness the power of government to force unwanted medical procedures on those who do not share their religous views. Reproductive rights count for little because the men who make all the religous rules are not affected.

  3. BARRY-Abortion is not a religious issue to me.It involves terminating a person’s life-a very serious matter-it shouldn’t be done for convenience,
    Nat Hentoff,a noted civil libertarian and atheist(which I am not)is pro-life precisely because he thinks this life is all anyone has and shouldn’t be taken away just like that.
    Men are not unaffected by abortion unless they are irresponsible fools.As a father,and not being a seahorse,I obviously didn’t carry or give birth to my children but iI have been in their lives since birth(they are in their mid 30’s)and am as much a parent as their mother(probably not nearly as good,but whatever)and should have a say in whether or not to terminate a pregnancy I was involved in starting.

  4. There is no scientific definition of where life begins. To you, it is a life. To me, it is a bundle of foreign cells occupying my body with no more right to life than a cancer. I value and validate your and anyone else’s right to make medical decisions about your own bodies. By the same token, I have the right to make medical decisions about my body. Furthermore, only the person who must suffer the medical and psychological risks of carrying a pregnancy can have the right to make decisions about the pregnancy.

    There is little point, of course, in having a debate about this topic. It rests on fundamentally different worldviews. To me, abortion is a necessary medical procedure. There is no life to be ended. You can think I am immoral. You can think I am evil. But this is my worldview. This is my religious faith. This is my morality. It is different than yours, but no less true.

  5. Well,I didn’t use the words immoral or evil anywhere in this discussion.
    I think you’re wrong and I’ll leave it at that.
    I would hope the wider use of birth control would make this procedure a rarity.

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