How to Lose Friends yet Influence Elections

The Dems do have to worry about the Republicans playing the Citizens United Super PAC card.

Cartoons by Joe Mohr

The next edition of this board game hopefully won’t have that card included…

More on Citizens United and Super PACs

From HuffPo: Citizens United and Contributions to Super PACs: A Little History Is in Order
From Salon: The hard truth about Citizens United
From Open Secrets: Super PACs (full breakdown)

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One thought on “How to Lose Friends yet Influence Elections

  1. Immigrants vote?Really?But we don’t need Voter ID,right?
    Newsflash:An “immigrant”(Lawfully Admitted Permanent Resident)can not vote in any election per Federal law since 1917.
    A naturalized citizen can,but then,they aren’t any longer immigrants.Terms of speech(writing)matter.

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